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Jasper's Noisy Cricket Problem

crickets in a home

Different types of crickets are invading this region of Indiana. The sounds of crickets chirping may fill the evening air, but what about when these noises are heard inside the home? One little cricket can turn into a cricket infestation. Jasper pest control technicians at Action Pest Control locate every cricket habitat to get rid of crickets.

Why Are The Crickets In Jasper So Loud?

If the commotion of crickets chirping is not music to a homeowner’s ears, it’s probably a good idea to investigate. What makes these bugs so noisy, and why are they determined to get their melody out there for the world to hear?

Point the blame at the males, as they are the noisemakers. Amorous males try to attract female crickets by rubbing their front wings together. When many male crickets try to compete for a lady cricket's attention, the chirping can get pretty loud.

How Do Crickets Get Inside Homes?

There is a whole wide world for these guys to explore, so why would they want to come into Jasper's homes? And more importantly, how are crickets getting into the house? Most of the time, the reasons a cricket hops inside revolves around shelter, food, or water.

This insect is tiny, so a little cricket can typically enter the home through structural cracks or gaps. These pests can also just come right in through the front door. Crickets can be fine to live it up outside in the warmer months. It’s when the mercury drops that these insects start looking for places to cozy down through the winter; homes often seem to fit the bill.

Five Cricket Prevention Tips for Jasper Residents

While crickets are nimble, there are ways to repel them. Even though different types of crickets may force their way into Indiana properties, there are a few ways homeowners can fight back:

1. Address Moisture

Keep crickets from wanting to come inside the home by limiting water and moisture. Install a dehumidifier in damp areas like the basement; empty frequently. 

2. Have Ongoing Pest Treatment

Nothing can work as well to prevent crickets from coming in and coming back than professional pest control. Treatments applied by Action Pest Control team members keep homes free of crickets and other creepy crawlies.

3. Take Care Of The Lawn

Make a potential cricket habitat inhospitable to ward off these pests. Cut the grass short and stay on top of weeding flowerbeds. Stow firewood as far from the residence as possible, at least 20 feet away.

4. Prevent Entry

Once any cracks or fractures have been found in the structure’s exterior, caulk those areas up completely. Install door sweeps on exterior doors. Consider using weatherstripping as well. Close doors quickly after use so crickets can’t hop inside.

5. Use Special Lighting

Crickets are especially drawn to light like many other insects. Lessen this attraction, and the time these pests want to linger nearby with a simple bulb change. Switch exterior light fixtures that have white light bulbs to yellow bulbs. Certain manufacturers label these bulbs as “bug” or “bug away” bulbs.

The Best Way To Prevent Cricket Infestations In Jasper

Is an on-site cricket infestation bugging every household member? Then the time for preventative steps is gone. Now is the time to get rid of crickets once and for all. Our technicians at Action Pest Control understand that each home cricket problem is different and offer treatment plans to accommodate our client’s budgets and needs. We can answer any questions, provide helpful advice, and apply lasting treatment to ensure pests stay away.