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Are The Birds In Indiana Hassling You? We Can Help!

a pigeon on a nest with two eggs

Whether it’s pigeons, starlings, or even sparrows, pest birds can be a big issue for Indiana homeowners. Here’s what local residents should know about whether they have a bird problem on their property, whether it’s safe to feed pigeons, how bird spikes can be beneficial, and how pest control in Indiana can help keep pest birds away. 

How Do I Know If I Have A Bird Problem On My Property?

It may be normal to see the occasional pest bird on your Indiana property, but there are a couple of signs that can indicate you’ve got an actual problem or infestation, such as: 

  • You’re seeing a lot of birds sleeping or nesting on your property, like your roof, porch, or trees. Even if you don’t have a full-blown infestation yet, the presence of a lot of birds can indicate you will likely have one soon.
  • There’s a foul odor lingering around your property, which can’t be attributed to your garbage or other rotting materials. 
  • You have an existing insect problem, which can attract more pest birds to your home and property.
  • There are other pest issues on your property that are associated with birds, like mice, fleas, and flies.
  • There are a lot of bird droppings around your property, especially on flat surfaces.

Is It Safe To Feed Pigeons?

While you may think you’re doing a positive thing when you feed pigeons, this can actually do more harm than good, and here’s how: 

  • You can create your own pigeon problem and start an infestation around your property as they return to the feeding site.
  • Your property can become overcrowded with birds as well as bird droppings, which can be a health hazard for people and property.
  • Pigeons may become dependent on you or humans for food rather than scavenging on their own.
  • Bread and other snacks that many people feed pigeons aren’t an actual source of healthy nutrition for these birds.

How Do Bird Spikes Work To Keep Birds Away?

One method for keeping birds away, bird spikes, has proven to be somewhat effective. These spikes work by blocking access to ledges and rooftops, where birds may try to perch or even nest. These spikes won’t harm the birds, but they will prevent them from spending a lot of time around your property. 

Why Do I Need Pest Control For Birds In Indiana?

In addition to foul odors lingering around your property and the risk of disease, birds can cause big problems for your home. And once they start breeding and nesting around your property, birds won’t be eager to leave – which is why professional pest control in Indiana can help. At Action Pest Control, we’ve been providing effective treatments and solutions for birds across the midwest, including Indiana. 

Whether you’re having trouble with pigeons, starlings, sparrows, or another type of bird on your Indiana property, you can protect yourself and your home by contacting us at Action Pest Control today for more information about our bird control services.