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Louisville Homeowners’ Complete Guide To Termite Awareness Week

termites in a mud tunnel

The sooner you notice insects around your Louisville property, the better. You can address the problem straight away. The most difficult cases will involve wood-focused pests, such as termites, who are generally out of view. In soil and inside of walls are where the bugs lie. Evidence of termite damage is the height of an infestation, not the beginning.

Termite Awareness Week is an event because these insects are so impactful. In America, $5 billion is put toward associated products and services every year, for instance, termite treatments and recuperation building. Generally, insurance companies don’t supply protection. You have to be ready to confront these specimens. Learn about the signs of termites inside your house or business and how Action Pest Control can help you manage their populations.

How To Spot Signs Of Termites

Workers, soldiers, and swarmers are what you’ll have to eliminate if there’s a termite colony on your Louisville property. More often than not, workers in this area are white or grayish-white. Regarding size, they are a tiny 0.12 of an inch long. Soldiers may be about the same length, but they’re yellow-brown. Also, they have rectangular heads and enormous mandibles. Swarmers are the largest, at ½ of an inch long. Their skin is yellow, black, or brown. These termites are invigorated by light and will fly around windows and fixtures. Considering they’ll be fluttering by, they’ll be visible, active termites. 

Swarmers are a flag that something is very wrong. Memorize these signs of termites inside your Louisville house or company:

  • Discovering the discarded wings of swarmers
  • Finding heaps of fecal frass in the vicinity of termite holes, maze patterns, and mud tubes
  • Hollow sounding foundations  
  • Hearing rustling and clicking from behind walls 
  • Paint that is expanding or flaking
  • Drywall that is sagging or fading
  • Tiles and floorboards that are wearing   
  • Window frames and doors that fit tight 

The Extent Of Damage Termites Can Create For Your Home

Nutrients that trees and plants need to mature suitably are let into the ground when termites destroy wood. The environment leans on them. People worldwide look to them for dietary purposes, as they are esteemed as a delicacy. That is the totality of their beneficial attributes.

It doesn’t take long for active termites to permeate wood on soil or dirt. You or someone else could unknowingly walk the chunks indoors or use them in construction. The pests might creep through cracks and crevices in a structure as well. As they break down the material, it will cause foundations, bases, and flooring to disintegrate. This could be dangerous. Crumpling items could hurt someone or ruin whatever they land on. Medically, termites affect allergies, but they don’t communicate diseases. 

Why Annual Termite Inspections Are So Important For Your Home  

Having annual termite inspections by Action Pest Control will increase the chances of detecting these bugs early. Once more, if you catch them right away, you can mitigate the risk.

The Best Termite Protection For Louisville Homes 

By enacting and maintaining preventative measures, you’ll be able to avoid disaster and evidence of termite damage: 

  • Remove decaying or injured wood. 
  • Have moisture issues fixed immediately. 
  • Close up gaps in caulk, foundations, and utilities. 
  • Attach screens to all exterior doors. 
  • Clean vents and gutters frequently. 
  • Distance plants from the property.   
  • Keep loose wood, like carpentry panels, off the soil. 
  • Routinely groom the yard. 

We at Action Pest Control have termite treatments that are more advanced and safer than commercial goods. Our experts will utilize Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination Systems and Termidor® applications. Money-back guarantees and damage warranties are available. Say goodbye to the termite colony on your Louisville property! Call today for a free inspection!