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Louisville's Complete Guide To Effective Flea Control

flea on someones finger

You can’t beat fleas without pest control in Louisville. These insects aren’t as harmless and easy to combat as they may seem. They cause more difficulties than making itchy and red bites on your body. 

Flea diseases are what make these bugs dangerous. Since they swallow blood from humans and animals, transmission is a reality. You can learn now how these critters function and what’s required to eliminate them. Our guide contains the answers to the best way to get rid of fleas. We at Action Pest Control will prioritize your freedom from insects and creatures. 

Even Homes Without Pets Can Get Fleas 

Fleas in Louisville are reddish-brown and have a gleam on their skin. Regarding size, they’re typically 0.09 of an inch long, and they have compressed bodies. If they don’t creep into your clothes, they’ll spring onto the coat of a domestic animal. Not having a cat, dog, bird, or similar won’t make it impossible for these bugs to come around. They can easily be on squirrels, rodents, and other surrounding pests. Hind legs are their way into the air; fleas are wingless. Each stage of their life can go on for months in a conducive environment. The cycles are egg, larval, pupal, and adult. 

Here are the clues to an infestation: 

  • Pets that are scratching themselves frequently
  • Repeatedly seeing bites on your skin 
  • Noticing flea feces on carpeting and pet materials
  • Discovering flea eggs close to structural voids, furniture, rugs, and areas for domestic animals

Masses of fleas will be in grassy or woody regions with sand or shade. Places with water, such as lakesides, ditches, and ponds, are also inviting to them. Pests, organic debris, rocks, and shrubs are what draws them to the yards of homes and businesses. Don’t be surprised if you spot several by your porch or deck. Fleas won’t die or stop reproducing once they get indoors.

Why A Flea Infestation In The Home Is A Health Concern

Common flea diseases are tapeworms, typhus, and parasitic, bacterial illnesses. By and large, people have allergic reactions or skin inflammation when these bugs nibble on them. You must make an effort not to scratch your welts. Should your nails cut the skin, ingoing germs may advance to a secondary bacterial infection. Anemia is another potential factor because fleas can repeatedly soak up your blood. 

Four Eco-Friendly Flea Prevention Tips For Around The House

Retail insecticides and “do it yourself” tricks are far from the best way to get rid of fleas. While they may provide some relief, they won’t be long-lasting or widespread. You also want to avoid such methods because they usually aren’t cost-friendly and might be toxic.

Concentrate on prevention with these four tips: 

  1. Perform Yard Tasks: Regularly trim grass and greenery. Get debris off the lawn. Remove soil from your property’s perimeter and put down gravel.
  2. Pamper Pets: Inspect, wash, and brush your pet’s hair on a routine basis. Discuss year-round flea management and treatment with a veterinarian.
  3. Use a Keen Eye And Keep Clean: Make sure fleas aren’t on second-hand items, like bedding and pet tools. Vacuum and shampoo carpeting often.
  4. Contact Action Pest Control: Reach out to us if you have creepy crawlers that fleas will target. 

Acting preventative protocols is the wisest choice given how quickly fleas can dominate dwellings. 

The Most Effective Flea Control For Louisville Homes 

The interior and exterior treatments we have at Action Pest Control are industrial-grade. Despite their strength, they are safe for humans, domestic animals, and vegetation. You can choose from three of our affordable home pest control plans. Call us today to schedule a free inspection at no obligation!