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5 Steps To A Flea-Free House

a flea on a person

No one likes getting an infestation of fleas. These little biters don't just cause issues for your pet; they can also bite you and your kids (if you have kids).

If your pets are your kids, you have even more reason to take a short break and read down through these 5 tips on how to have a flea-free home:

  1. The first tip is obvious, and you are probably already doing it. There is a whole industry based on protecting your pets from getting flea bites and they have an impressive marketing engine to let you know about them. This marketing engine includes that nice veterinarian who prescribes these products to you. We won't spend much time on this one. We'll just point out that flea collars, sprays, shampoos, and dusts are your first line of defense against fleas, and these products have some limited success and benefits.
  2. Fleas hitchhike. When your pet goes outside, fleas hop on and ride their way back into your home. While on your pet, fleas will lay eggs, and those eggs fall off. The most common area these eggs will be found is in and around the place where your pet sleeps. So, cleaning pet bedding every week is a great preventative measure to kill fleas and their eggs before they hatch.
  3. If you're already dealing with fleas in your home, it is important to wash all the areas where your pet lays down. Vacuum all your rugs thoroughly and throw the bag outside. Wash the bedding from all the beds in the house, and bathe your pet.
  4. Ongoing pest control services are a way to add another layer of protection to keep those fleas from taking root in your home. A pest control company can treat your lawn to kill all cocooned fleas waiting to hatch and spring onto your pet and kill off all the egg sacks that will soon become a threat to your pets.
  5. There is another benefit to having ongoing pest control services. Your pet isn't the only animal that can bring fleas into your home. Fleas can ride on rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, and other furry creatures. Ongoing pest control makes sure that these creatures don't find harborage in your home, and it protects you from having them spread fleas to your home.

If you live in Louisville or somewhere else in our extensive coverage area throughout Kentucky, Indiana, or Illinois, give us a call. At Action Pest Control, we have ongoing pest plans that protect homes from fleas and the creatures that carry fleas. Drop us a line and ask us about our home pest control programs and see which one is the right fit for you.

When you have fleas, take action! And, get Action!