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Does My Owensboro Business Need Fumigation?

a large commercial building

Pest remediation entities tackle problems with insects and creatures in a multitude of ways. When assisting business owners with commercial pest control in Owensboro, sprays, liquids, and gels may be used. Baits and traps are popular tools as well. These approaches typically contain a pesticide or repelling agent, which will kill critters or impact their nests. Professionals will apply these items to the necessary interior and exterior areas. In several cases, it’s enough to rectify the issue. But some infestations are so intense that they require fumigation.

A common misconception about fumigation is that it’s unwarranted and hazardous, but the opposite is true. Commercial buildings, in particular, can benefit from it. If you take the time to read up on this feature, you’ll understand how it works. Also, you’ll get details on Action Pest Control’s related options. 

What Pests Can Be Treated With Fumigation?

Fumigation interventions can be employed for an array of critters, including pantry pests, wood-destroying insects, and bed bugs. Indian meal moths and other pantry pests plague distribution lines and factories. They reside and breed in food packages. Larvae munch away on the fare and contaminate what’s left with their bodily waste. Ordinary procedures may not eradicate them.

Powder post beetles, carpenter ants, and termites are examples of wood-destroying insects. Termite prevention and recovery costs Americans a combined $5 billion a year. These tiny bugs crawl far down into foundations, so folks usually don’t know they’re around until damage is visible. On top of that, their colonies are vast. Vigorous techniques are essential.

Bed bugs are persistent pests that rely on the blood of humans and animals to survive. They are prevalent in public places, like airports, hotels, and schools. After getting into your personal bags and clothes, they’ll hang on as you go about your day. Eventually, they’ll settle in nearby appliances, furniture, and fabrics. For an invasion to cease, all bed bugs, eggs, and young have to be removed. Given their small size and voluminous populations, doing this without a robust solution isn’t practical. 

What Are the Positives of Fumigation?

  • Conquers Formidable Pests:  As previously explained, many insects and creatures are hard to kill. If they’re tiny, promptly procreate, or hide in spots that are hard to reach, getting rid of them will be a battle. Some critters are frequent intruders by nature. All of this describes cockroaches, for instance. Standard pest control avenues can be insufficient.
  • Broad Treatment:  Fumigation gases can get across structural voids, wall crevices, and foundational openings. The whole space, even the inside of walls, will be treated. Regular remedies are centralized and targeted.
  • Very Efficient:  Over the course of hours or a day, your establishment will be without pests. Single visits are all that’s needed. You won’t have to deal with the recurrent treatments that are normal for critters like bed bugs. 

How Does Action Pest Control Use Fumigation?

We at Action Pest Control are leaders in pest fumigation. Our experienced staff has completed some of the largest projects in the United States. Both structural and container services are available, along with those for lumber. It doesn’t matter if it’s beetles, rodents, spiders, or another critter; we’ll get the job done. We’ve gone to all kinds of businesses:

  • Commodity Warehouses
  • Food Distribution Centers
  • Lumber Exports
  • Mills And Feed Manufacturers
  • Museums
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Residential Complexes
  • Shipping Centers

All of our resources are minimal-risk and low-liability. Sulfuryl fluoride is utilized for facilities that specialize in post-harvest products. You’ll be provided with a partnering consultant who will discuss critical necessities with you and develop a custom commerical pest control plan. When you call us today, you’ll be offered an inspection and fumigation consultation, free of charge! We look forward to helping you protect your assets!