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How Fumigation Eliminates Wood-Destroying Insects

big wood destroying termite up close

When we envision wood-destroying insects, we tend to think of termites and carpenter ants. However, there are several other insects that can wreak havoc on our homes and businesses that fit into the wood-destroying category. Powder post beetles, old house borers, and death watch beetles are a few of the insects that you need to look out for this late spring and early summer in Illinois and Indiana. If you suspect you have a problem with these pests, you’ll want to consider professional fumigation. It is safe and effective, and the best solution to get rid of wood-infesting insects.

Old House Borers And Powder Post Beetles And The Problems They Cause

Old house borers and powder post beetles are in the same insect family of wood-boring beetles. They are partial to bamboo, furniture, wooden tools, and house framing; powder post beetle larvae feed on porous wood. They get their name from the powdery mess they leave behind after they disintegrate the wood. Old house borers prefer sapwoods like pine. Their name is deceiving, as they like fresh cut wood versus older wood. The larvae do the most damage, as they consume the wood resin for years at a time. The adults can burrow into the wood, lay eggs, and not emerge until up to five years later. As all these wood-destroying insects mature, they bore their way out of the wood through small holes, leaving sawdust-like piles behind, and then they emerge in the summer months of June through August.

Fumigation Is A Great Solution For These Pests And More

If you suspect that you may have a problem with these wood-infesting beetles, getting help right away is paramount, as stopping them before they do any more damage can save you the headache of extensive home repairs or damage to your business. You might think of fumigation as being a harmful process that releases toxic chemicals into the air and leaves behind a residue that is unsafe for your family; this is not the case.

Fumigation is an effective process for getting rid of these pests that are hard to find and almost impossible to get rid of any other way. Your home or business will be tented, and gasses released. These gasses will destroy the beetles, but will dissipate into the air and not leave any harmful chemicals behind. Fumigation is even safe to do in warehouses where food products, such as grain, are stored. Action Pest Control service professionals are the experts at fumigation services. We can do jobs as small as a single piece of antique furniture, up to an entire warehouse. Please contact us today to see if fumigation is the right solution for your home pest infestation in Illinois or Indiana.