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How To Deter The House Mice In Louisville

a little house mouse up close

Although you may like guests, house mice are not a group you want to host. Besides damaging your house, house mice can put your family members at risk because they carry diseases. Fortunately, you can get rid of mice by hiring pest control in Louisville from Action Pest Control. This post will share tips on identifying mice infestation and the fastest way to get rid of mice.

How To Tell If You Have A Mouse Infestation

Mice are house pests that leave behind traces of their existence. Here are some definite signs of mice in your house or a mouse infestation occurring.

  • Nests: Find nests with shredded paper, fabrics, string, pet hair, and other soft material.
  • Scratch or chew marks: Mice will chew on food packaging and make scratches on baseboards and floors. 
  • Mouse droppings: You may find tiny oblong pellets under the sink, in possible mouse paths in corridors, house corners, and in the back of a cabinet.
  • Food debris or crumbs: When you find food debris in unlikely places in the pantry and shelves.
  • Noise: Squeaking or scratching sounds inside the walls while you sleep.
  • Weird pet behavior: A dog barking or a cat pawing or scratching in weird spaces indicates that the pet is aware of an infestation.

When you spot some of these signs, the next cause of action would be to contact professionals to get rid of mice before they create problems around your property. 

All The Problems House Mice Can Create In Your House

Mice are not cute animals like we see in cartoons; they can cause a lot of damage to your property. Here are some of the problems they can bring. 

  • Destroy wiring: Mice get their way into your house walls and chew on wiring, gas pipes, wall studs, and foam insulation.
  • Create large holes in your walls: Mice can chew on a door or window frame, sole plate, door sweep, or weatherstripping. The holes they leave behind allow other pests to invade 
  • Chewing holes in storage: They’ll chew into the furniture in storage and create a nest in them. Additionally, they will stain other materials in storage with their feces and urine.
  • Food contamination: Mice will contaminate your surfaces, food, and dishes with their waste. When left to dry in your air ventilation ducts, the particulates become airborne and cause respiratory diseases. 
  • Spreading other organisms: Mice can spread bacteria, fleas, parasitic worms, and even ticks as they explore your house. 

Reach out to Action Pest Control if you want to hire the best pest control for mice. We are ready to provide the best mouse protection. 

How To Make Your Property Less Inviting To House Mice

Here are some insightful tips to consider if you are looking for ways to prevent your house from attracting these pests.

  • Remove food crumbs: Most rodents like to access the home in search of easy meals. Food crumbs on the floor or the shelf in open containers will invite mice into your kitchen. Firstly, remove food crumbs and store food in airtight containers. Secondly, get a sealable trash can to keep mice and other rodents away.
  • Seal entry points: Mice can get to your home in various ways. So, fix any broken screens, block attic vents, and repair cracks on the wall and foundation. A pest control expert can identify these entry points and seal them.
  • Trim overgrown plants: If you have very tall trees or overgrown bushes, mice may create nesting spots in these areas, providing proximity to your home. Trim back the shrubs as much as you can to control mice activity.

Call The Pros At The First Sign Of Mice In Your Home

If you think you are facing a possible mice infestation and need the best pest control for mice, reach out to Action Pest Control. Avoid going through DIY methods because they cost more, take time, and you still struggle with the issues. Instead, a master mice control expert from Action Pest Control will inspect your home and provide custom treatment plans to pest-proof your home.

Mice are small creatures that can contaminate food, destroy your house fittings, and spread diseases. Here at Action Pest Control, we specialize in assisting clients in removing mice from ceilings, walls, and even insulations. So, drop us a line today, and let us make your home a pest-free property.