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Fall Rodent Prevention Essentials For Evansville, IN Homeowners

a mouse in fallen leaves

As the weather gets colder, rodents will become more of a problem for Evansville homeowners. This is because rodents are warm-blooded and don’t hibernate. So when the winter months come, rodents will seek a temperature-controlled location to survive.

This also means that rodents are looking for food and water sources in the locations they will spend the winter. If your home provides the resources rodents are looking for, they will find their way inside to nest. Unfortunately, our homes tend to make perfect winter nesting sights for these pests.

Common area rodents include:

  • House mice
  • Deer mice
  • Norway rats
  • Roof rats

You’ll never have both mice and rodents infest your home at the same time.

As an Evansville resident, you should know what to expect of rodents, how you might be attracting them to your property, what to do if they get into your home, and how to keep them from getting inside again.

What Attracts Rodents?

When it comes to rodents, such as mice and rats, several things attract them and make your home more enticing. Below is a list of the factors that make an environment conducive for rodents and how to make the necessary changes.

Food is the main factor that attracts rodents to a property. With a wide ranger of foods in their diet, rodents will watch everything from garbage to pet food. To remove these food sources, you should:

  • Don’t leave uneaten pet food or dirty dishes lying around 
  • Put open food in air-tight containers, including pet food
  • Clean crumbs and spills immediately
  • Sweep and vacuum regularly
  • Take the garbage out often and use bins outside that have tight-fitting lids

Water sources can be another enticing factor for rodents. Reducing water sources includes:

  • Addressing humidity issues in your home
  • Fixing a leaky roof
  • Fixing leaking pipes and faucets

Harborage areas and entry points are two more factors that can make you more susceptible to rodents. Make sure to reduce clutter both inside and outside your home and seal any potential entry points.

While these rodent prevention tips can assist in keeping property protected, it is not always completely reliable. The best prevention for rodents is through a comprehensive pest management program. This is because rodents are resourceful, clever, and adaptable. After living alongside people for thousands of years, rodents have become adept at avoiding people while reaping the benefits listed above.

Why Is Professional Pest Control Essential?

Rodents can damage your home and spread dangerous diseases throughout your property. This is why professional pest control is essential when it comes to rodents, especially before winter comes. If rodents are getting inside your Evansville home, you should call Action Pest Control immediately.

Our rodent control process consists of:

  • A thorough inspection to identify what type of rodent we are dealing with, the extent of the infestation, and what conditions make your property an environment attracting rodents. Identifying the species is important because not all types of rodents are treated the same.
  • Using the inspection findings, we will implement a treatment protocol. We utilize non-chemical rodent control methods, which can include trapping and baiting. With Action Pest Control, you can expect treatments that won’t affect children and pets.
  • Bi-monthly or quarterly visits based on your property and needs.

We also offer minor rodent exclusion, which is to eliminate harborage areas and entry points. With Action Pest Control, you can have a rodent-free home. So don’t try to get rid of rodents on your own using store-bought baits and traps because they can be dangerous if misused and will not take care of the entire infestation. Don’t wait; contact us at Action Pest Control today.