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Here's Why Fumigation Is A Good Idea For Your Louisville Business

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If pests are a frequent problem in your Louisville business, you may have considered fumigation. Fumigating pests is a great way to keep your business clean and secured from pests, provided the process is done right. Fumigating might seem dangerous or intimidating, but in fact, it’s one of the safest and most effective ways to get rid of certain pests for Louisville properties. Let’s discuss how fumigation services work — when done right — and the types of businesses that will benefit from our fumigation plan. 

Why Fumigate In Louisville, KY?

Fumigation is a process that uses smoke to push out pests. Depending on the pests you’re dealing with and the contents of your business, different fumigation tactics can be applied to make sure your Kentucky business is pest-free

Fumigation can target a whole array of pests, from pantry pests to dangerous ones. Businesses will commonly contact us to fumigate the following:

  • Indian meal moths
  • Flour beetles
  • Rodents
  • Bed bugs 
  • Spiders
  • Flies 

However, fumigation is an option for most pests, provided that we can use the right fumigants without harming the contents of your businesses. 

Museums, storage units, flour mills, residential structures, and warehouses will all benefit from our fumigation services. If you’re uncertain whether fumigation is right for your business, simply ask us!

Is Fumigation Better Than Other Pest Control Methods?

One reason we actively promote fumigation is that, compared to other pest control methods, it is often safer and more effective. At Action Pest Control, we only use chemicals that won’t harm the health of your property, the contents inside of your business, or your future clientele. Different chemical combinations can be used to actively discourage pests, without harming your health or the health of your business.

Additionally, fumigation works better than other pest control methods because it is more comprehensive and far-reaching. Often, pest control can be hindered by a pest’s ability to hide in the cracks and crevices of your property. Fumigation can reach into those cracks and crevices, making it a far more viable option. 

The Fumigation Process

When properly done with trained technicians, the fumigation process is safe and easy. First, you will have to clear any objects that we deem necessary to protect against whichever fumigant we use. Then, we enter the property, closing it off so that the smoke can travel to every crevice it needs in order to reach every pest. Finally, we monitor to make sure the pests in question have all removed themselves from your business, and we do a second inspection to make sure your Louisville business is pest-free.

So, ready to fumigate? If you’re dealing with pests in Louisville, we highly recommend the fumigation services of Action Pest Control. Reach out today, and let’s smoke out your pest problems for good.