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Louisville Homeowners’ Ultimate Fly Prevention Handbook

a fly face up close

There are nursery rhymes about how annoying bugs are. They buzz in our faces and land right in the part of our television screens where the action is. But flies are more than just nuisances, they are dangerous pests that you don’t want hanging around. Here is crucial information every homeowner needs to control flies around their Louisville property.

Flies Do More Than Buzz Around

Some of the most dangerous pests in the world aren’t the ones that cause damage, but the ones that spread harmful diseases. Flies have been well-known for carrying and spreading illnesses for thousands of years. They hang out in filthy areas, often from the time they are born, since flies feed off of decaying organic matter. They are also attracted to sugary aromas and food traces found inside of homes, which means they can track germs and bacteria from place to place as they scavenge around for food and water. This is why fly prevention is better than reaction. You should take steps to reduce your risk of pest infestations well before you notice mature flies buzzing around.

How Flies Get Inside (And What To Do About It)

The term housefly refers to a wide range of common invasive species, all of which can traffic in diseases like salmonella and typhus. It’s important to address the following common areas where flies invade homes:

  • Windows & doors: Flies can, naturally, fly inside through open doors and windows. But they can also crawl through torn screens or gaps underneath the threshold.
  • Cracks & holes: Another common access point for pests of all kinds are the small cracks and holes that inevitably form around a structure’s exterior due to time and weathering -- or, worse, pest damage itself.
  • Contaminated items: Flies or their maggot offspring can be carried inside of homes on contaminated debris, food, containers, or other common items.

Household Factors To Address

While you can address the above factors by keeping a well-maintained home, some factors are easier to control than others. Flies in Louisville are attracted indoors by factors like food and water year-round, but they also need the shelter that human homes provide to survive the winter. That’s why it’s important to address those entry points long before flies can use them to get in, and you need to make sure to address the following attractants, too:

  • Food storage: Deep cleaning regularly and making sure you store food in inaccessible containers and locations will reduce the likelihood that flies will be attracted inside.
  • Trash storage: You also need to pay some attention to your trash access, since flies will utilize the food waste we throw away just as much as fresh food.
  • Moisture control: Not only are flies attracted to moist areas, but water damage can also lead to openings in your exterior walls that pests use to enter homes.

Let Us Assist You

With so many factors that flies can utilize to gain access to your home, and with so many dangerous issues they can potentially bring with them, the safest course of action for total protection is to let experts guide you. At Action Pest Control, we can inspect your property inside and out for signs of flies or other pests, addressing points of entry or attracting factors before they lead to infestations. If flies are already around, it’s better to turn to professional solutions than try to handle them on your own. Not only can you expose yourself to potentially dangerous diseases, but you may also ultimately waste time and money on a method that doesn’t work. Unless completely eradicated, fly populations can simply come right back. That’s why you should contact Action Pest Control today and get started on proven home pest control.