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Guide To Fly Prevention In Louisville This Summer

a fly on a finger tip

Flies are summer pests that thrive in warm weather and have a knack for getting into places they don’t belong. After flies have had time to breed and lay eggs in spring and early summer, fly infestations get even more troublesome. Certain types of flies are able to lay up to 500 eggs in their lifetime! Because the life cycle of a fly is quite short (usually no longer than a month for common house flies), these annoying pests quickly breed, eat and lay eggs in your food products. If flies are causing you stress and annoyance this summer, it could be time to look for solutions!

What Leads To Fly Infestations?

While different Louisville properties have different factors that attract flies, there are few common factors that encourage infestations on properties. Open trash bins provide food as well as a sheltered location for flies to lay eggs. There are many horror stories of Louisville homeowners finding a pile of writhing maggots in their trash bins. Another factor that contributes to fly infestations is the accessibility to your home and the food items inside your home. It’s common for homeowners to open windows and doors to allow the summer breezes in, however, this practice also allows flies in as well.

How To Prevent Fly Infestations

To prevent flies from being attracted to your property and getting into your home, you must take a few preventative steps.

  • Clean counters and floors frequently.
  • Make sure your trash bins are properly sealed and stored away from the walls of your home.
  • Clear your sink drains with a cleaning solution to eliminate debris and organic build-up.
  • Store food products in plastic containers or in the fridge.
  • Keep doors and windows closed unless a screen is installed.
  • Repair or replace torn window screens as soon as possible
  • Invest in professional fly control.

At Action Pest Control, we cover a large variety of common summer pests, and flies are no exception. If flies are infesting your Louisville property this summer, or if you’d like to learn more about our residential pest control programs, reach out to Action Pest Control today!