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Why The Birds Roosting On Your Owensboro Roof Won't Go Away

a pigeon on a roof top

A lot of people love to bird watch. Whether they go out on walks for that specific purpose or simply watch from the comfort of home, it’s a popular pastime. However, most people would agree that having an influx of birds spending time on the roof of their home or business is not ideal. Birds cause a lot of problems when they roost on Owensboro roofs and, unfortunately, once they are there, they usually won’t go away without a fight.

What Types Of Birds Are You Likely To Find On Your Roof?

Most birds won’t use your home or business’s roof as their preferred roosting area. Occasionally you’ll find a robin’s nest nestled in the eaves, but they don’t usually become a big problem and they don’t stick around for long. The birds that are the most common offenders are pigeons, with starlings and sparrows not far behind. These pest birds choose roofs as their primary roosting areas and instead of a single bird with a single nest, they’ll invade in large numbers.

Why Won’t The Birds Roosting On Your Owensboro Roof Go Away?

There are a few reasons why the birds on your Owensboro roof won’t go away.

  1. Pigeons are fairly impervious to weather. As the saying goes, they’re (literally) tough old birds that don’t mind sitting out in the wind, rain, heat, or cold. 
  2. There’s a good food source nearby. Like all animals, pigeons, starlings, and sparrows need to eat. If your roof is within view of an easy and steady food source, they won’t see any reason to leave.
  3. They’ve nested there. Sometimes pigeons will simply hang out along the roofline of your business or on a ledge under the roofline. However, if they find a way into your attic space, they’ll use it as a warm, dry place to nest, lay eggs, and raise their young. In some cases, they’ll even build nests in your gutters. Once they’ve chosen your home or business as their nesting area, they will not be inclined to leave.

What Problems Do Pest Birds Cause?

Birds cause quite a few problems for home and business owners.

They destroy property

  • When birds roost on your roof, they damage it with their droppings. Bird droppings are very acidic and will eat away at roof materials. 
  • They damage your building by building nests. If they build their nest in a gutter, water can back up. In extreme cases, this damage can get so bad that it causes a roof to collapse.
  • If birds get into your attic, they will damage it with their droppings, feathers, and nesting materials.

They spread disease

  • Bird droppings are contaminated and can make you sick.
  • Birds also spread parasites that can spread diseases.

They can be dangerous

  • No one wants to be attacked by birds when they try to enter or exit a building, but that can happen if birds are roosting on your roof. 
  • Bird droppings on walkways can be a slipping hazard, which could end up in a lawsuit.

Why Can’t You Get Rid Of Pest Birds On Your Own?

If you search for DIY methods to get rid of problem birds, you’ll find a lot of ideas to try. Unfortunately, most, if not all, of these suggestions don’t work. Scare devices, such as plastic owls or ultrasonic sound emitters don’t actually scare pigeons. Mothballs or other scented items have been used for years to try to prevent all sorts of animal infestations, but these are usually unsuccessful as well, especially when placed in an area where birds have already roosted.
Furthermore, DIY methods to get rid of birds can be dangerous. Not only are there laws about what you can and can’t do, but getting too close to birds could result in injury, and contact with their droppings could result in illness.

How Can You Get Rid Of Problem Birds?

If birds have taken over your Owensboro roof, the safest and most effective way to remove them for good is to get the help of the professionals at Action Pest Control. We provide a variety of bird exclusion solutions, including bird spikes, netting, and structural modifications to get rid of birds and keep them away in a humane way.

We also offer nest removal and decontamination services to sanitize the affected areas and keep your family, employees, and customers safe and healthy. If birds are becoming a problem for your home or business, contact Action Pest Control.