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What Should I Do If I Think I Have Termites In Indianapolis?

termites on the ground

Don’t underestimate the damage termites can do. They cost United States home and business owners over $5 billion every year. An average colony can have as many as 60,000 termites if not millions, depending on the species. With that many pests nibbling away at the wood inside of a home, damage can quickly escalate. If you think you have termites, it is important to act immediately and call a professional Indianapolis pest control company to assess the situation and make a plan of action to eradicate them.

Types of Damage Termites Can Cause

When termites get into a home in search of food, it isn’t our food they are looking for—they want wood. The damage they do is within the wooden structures of a home, not in places out in the open, so it takes time for homeowners to see the evidence of a termite infestation. They may nibble away at anything from wooden support beams to windowsills, and floorboards to wood siding. Outside termites infest stumps, lumber, and fallen trees.

One of the largest investments most people make is a home. While some people possess the skills to build homes, they had to learn that trade to become proficient at it. No one just goes into the hardware store and orders supplies, then begins building a home without knowing how. They hire a professional who is trained and insured. The same should be true for termite control. Our professionals go through extensive training to learn about different pests, their breeding habits, how they get into homes, the signs to look for, and what type of damage or dangers they present. They are trained to handle commercial-grade chemicals and treatment methods that are not available to the general public. Your home is too valuable to put your trust in over-the-counter treatments and DIY methods that usually end up in frustration.

Because Indianapolis is prone to termites, it is best to schedule a regular, annual termite inspection. Don’t risk the damage termites can do to your home, potentially causing thousands of dollars in damage that probably is not covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Termites are not a pest that homeowners can effectively treat. There are no guarantees with DIY methods. At Action Pest Control, we’re so confident in our ability to eliminate termites, we offer a money-back guarantee and $250,000 damage warranty. Don’t put your largest investment at risk of being damaged by termites. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection!