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The Best Way To Pest Proof Your Louisville Home For Winter

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With the warm season quickly drawing to a close, pests of all different shapes and sizes could soon be vying for choice spots within the walls of your comfortable home.

The colder the fall season gets, the more pests will seek shelter from the elements. A warm and cozy home is the perfect place to find food, shelter, and raise a large happy family. Many homeowners let their guard down as it gets cooler, believing that the falling temperatures will kill or drive pests away. Unfortunately, this is not true.  

Many pests remain active all winter long, including cockroaches, rats, mice, squirrels, and a host of other creatures. Some insects like mosquitoes or ants may not be as evident as they were during warmer seasons, but this is not an indication of other pests slowing down or otherwise hibernating until winter is over. An established winter pest infestation can bring diseases and create property damage.  

The Dangers Defined 

It’s far easier to keep pests out in the first place than it is to get rid of them once they’re in. Here are some proactive tips homeowners can take to make their home less attractive to wintertime pests.  

  • Seal cracks, fix window screens, and close off other potential entry points.
  • Run a dehumidifier in problem areas to reduce moisture and humidity. If leaks or plumbing cracks are contributing to the issue, speak with a knowledgeable repairman in your area and have repairs made.
  • Rake leaves, remove fallen branches, and stack firewood appropriately. The fewer places for pests to hide in, the better.
  • Have a professional pest control company complete a thorough home inspection to check for underlying issues or infestations you may not have noticed.

When it comes to pest control, defense is always the best offense. However, not all preventative measures can guarantee your protection from October pest invasions. 

Action is Your Anti-Pest Companion 

Winter pest infestations can quickly become complicated and difficult issues to deal with. Action Pest Control can assist you in all your autumn preventative measures, exterminating current infestations and keeping pests out for the rest of the year.

Action is proud to offer a comprehensive list of residential and commercial pest control services to property owners in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and beyond. Based on holistic pest management solutions, our pest control programs are uniquely catered to all our customers. Don’t wait to get your home pest-proofed for the winter. Contact the professionals at Action Pest Control and schedule an appointment for your peace of mind today.