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Lexington Pest Control Pros Offer 5 Tips To A Pest Free Home

an ant up close

Are you looking for help with pest control in Lexington, KY? The pros at Action Pest Control are here to help you get a head start on pest control around your home. Action Pest Control is one of the largest pest management companies in the Midwest. With over 68 years of pest prevention experience, there is no doubt that you are getting quality pest prevention. Finding unwanted pests in your home can be unnerving. Knowing that a team of highly qualified pest control professionals are here to help you eliminate your pest problem can help put your worries to rest.

Our expertly trained technicians have five helpful pest control tips to offer you to aid in keeping your home pest free. The following tips will help to minimize the chances of your home being invaded by pests.

  1. Exterior Of Your Home: The best way to keep pests out is to not allow them any access points. These can be small cracks and gaps around your home. Depending on how small the pest is, it does not take much to let them in. Common areas to check and seal up are around venting and pipes on the exterior of your home. These small entrances can also be around windows and doors, in your foundation or attic. Make sure to check around your heating and cooling systems also. Taking the time to seal up the exterior of your home can really make a difference in pest prevention.
  2. Food In Your Home: We tend to store a lot of dry goods around our home, whether it is in pantries, cupboards or sometimes even basements. It is important to make sure that all the food in your home (including pet food) is stored in sealed containers. Pests are looking for warm shelter with easy access to food. If you give pests a chance to get into your food, they will most likely be back again for more. In some cases, they bring their whole colony with them.
  3. Landscaping: Having any bushes or shrubs near your house trimmed away from the exterior of your home helps to prevent pest infestations. Pests will use these bushes as bridges to your home. They will also use it as protection to hide out in. Keeping your landscaping trimmed and neat will help to keep pests away.
  4. Wood Materials: If you have a wood pile or any wood materials near your home, store them away from your home. This helps prevent pest infestations, especially termites. Other insects like carpenter ants also like to hide in and build colonies in moist wood. Keeping these materials away from your home will help prevent them from entering your home, in search of food.
  5. Clean Home: Keeping your home clean is not just for good looks. It can also help keep pests away. Vacuuming often helps prevent pests from hiding in your carpets. Cleaning up spills or food crumbs helps keep pests away as well. Dusting will also help to deter many pests, including spiders.

These helpful tips are best used before pests enter your home. If you find you already have a pest infestation, call your local Lexington exterminators at Action Pest Control. We are here to help you get your home back and keep pests away for good.