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Why Moth Flies Love The Kitchens In Elizabethtown

a moth fly on a table cloth

If you thought regular flies were gross, take a look at these slimy, flying nuisances that thrive on waste and filth.
Moth flies, also known as drain flies, sink flies, and sewer gnats, are powdery insects that congregate around pools of standing water and moist areas. Their brief life cycle of 8-24 days mean that the bugs must remain near breeding sites to lay eggs. Moth flies are no bigger than 1/8 of an inch in size, and they are covered in small hairs from abdomen to wing tips. These insects are poor fliers and spend their evening hours crawling on walls or hunting for food near their breeding sites. 

Moth flies can live where there is a consistent water source in places such as basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. Restaurant sinks are a notable favorite. Moth flies live and breed off a substance known as bio-film, or microscopic organisms that live in drains. The slimy plague that grows on the surface of our teeth is an excellent example of one type of bio-film.

Mitigate Moth Flies With Prevention

Trying to control the spread of moth flies isn’t difficult, but long-term or chronic infestations can take a considerable amount of time to remove. The most successful control methods are to remove the reasons for the pests to remain in the area.

  • Removing the slime of biofilm is crucial in getting rid of moth flies. Without biofilm, these insects won't stick around.
  • Eliminate potential breeding sites by removing problematic moisture. Dehumidifiers, bathroom fans, and other solutions will cut down on the number of damp areas in the home.
  • Managing moisture is the only way to control moth flies for the long-term. For leaks, drips, and other repairs that you don’t feel comfortable dealing with on your own, consult a trustworthy Elizabethtown handyman.
  • Inspect your building for cracks, rips, gaps, or other entry points for small creatures. Fill and seal areas as soon as you spot them.

If your preventative measures don’t seem to be making an impact on your moth fly woes, consult a professional pest control operative immediately.

Got Moths? Action Can Help

Moth flies are obnoxious pests that can linger around homes for months or years without the proper treatment. For help getting rid of moth flies in your kitchen or restaurant, call Action Pest Control today. 
If you’re concerned about the presence of moth flies on your property but aren’t sure if you’re facing an infestation, schedule a free inspection by a capable pest professional. Action is proud to offer our proactive and reactive pest control services to Elizabethtown residents for moth flies and beyond.