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Why Fumigation Is Right For Your Lexington Business

entry way of a commercial business

When choosing pest control in Lexington, you may find yourself passing over fumigation as an option. There is somewhat of a stigma attached to fumigation services but it is entirely unwarranted. Fumigation is often the only solution in sensitive environments, such as those found in a pharmaceutical facility, food-processing plant, food-manufacturing facility or a warehouse. This is because gas is not topical or residual. It doesn't remain after the treatment. Therefore, it can get into the pores, cracks and gaps where spray products cannot, and it dissipates after treatment. Here are a few specific ways fumigation helps businesses deal with complicated pest control issues.

The Smart Choice For Rodent Control

When we're called in to take care of complicated rodent problems in Lexington, sometimes fumigation is the only tool for the job. One example is how fumigation services keep crops rodent free. When Norway rats invade a farm by the hundreds, it can be devastating for a farm owner. And it can feel like an insurmountable pest problem. But this pest control issue can be addressed at the source by fumigating the ground burrows created by Norway rats. After a day of treatment, the rats are eliminated, the fumigants dissipate, and the problem is corrected. No other pest control solution could accomplish this so efficiently.

The Smart Choice For Stored-Product Insects

When it comes to protecting Lexington businesses from stored-product pests, fumigation is often the best option. Whether your business if farming, transportation, storage, sales or the preparation of food, you can benefit from a fumigation when stored product insects such as Indian meal moths, beetles or weevils invade. This is because the gases eliminate the insects without harming the stored-food product.

The Smart Choice For Bed Bugs

When bed bugs invade a Lexington business, they can be a nightmare to eliminate. This is because bed bugs don't just live in beds. They can be under carpets, inside walls, and in other places that are difficult to treat, even with a heat treatment. The gas used in fumigation works its way into cracks and pores to find bed bugs and takes them down.

The Next Step

Are you curious whether or not fumigation is the right choice for your business? Take action and call Action. At Action Pest Control, we provide businesses every option needed to control pest threats. Fumigation is just one tool in our toolbox. Let one of our licensed and knowledgeable pest professionals help you find a solution that will work for you. We service Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and portions of the surrounding states. Find out if you're in our extensive service area. We're here to help.