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What To Do If Wasps Are Taking Over Your Terre Haute Property

a wasp in a tree

Temps are on the rise, and that means so are stinging insects in Terre Haute. Wasps are making their appearance, and will continue to multiply throughout the summer; the warmer the weather, the more active these pests are. Stinging insects can quickly ruin our time spent outdoors.

When we think of summer, we typically don’t want to picture ourselves being chased by wasps or fighting them off our picnic food, as they can quickly put a damper on the day. Their stings are very painful and, for some people, can result in serious allergic reactions. Wasps tend to be more aggressive than other stinging insects, and we want to make sure you are protected. If wasps are taking over your Terre Haute property, here are some steps you can take to stay safe:

  • Avoid the nest. No matter what the stinging insect is, getting near the nest can produce a bad result. All members of a colony will do their best to protect the nest. If they feel threatened, they will sting. Wasps, in particular, can sting multiple times. It’s a common misconception that they lose their stinger after one sting. This is only true for bees.
  • Wear shoes and watch where you step!
  • Keep food covered. Wasps are attracted to sweets. If you are hosting a backyard party or a picnic, try to keep food covered as best you can.
  • Also, cover trash. Trash can be an attractant for these insects. Make sure to keep it tightly covered.
  • Don’t swat! Swatting or swinging your hands at wasps will only aggravate them or make them feel threatened.
  • Install screens and keep doors closed when not in use. This will prevent wasps from entering your home.
  • Contact professional pest control. Homeowners should never try to remove a nest on their own. If you notice wasps or other stinging insects on your property, have the problem looking at by a professional. These pests are dangerous to handle. They’re also dangerous to leave on your property. If you have wasps in your yard, you and your family are not safe. A professional pest controller has the experience and training to handle them carefully and remove them from your property effectively.

Warm weather can guarantee more pest activity, but we don’t have to let that ruin our summer. Brush up on tips to help avoid stinging insects this summer and pest solutions for Terre Haute residents. Action Pest Control can provide a fast and efficient service that’s right for you. If you find a nest on your Terre Haute property, give us a call. Our highly trained stinging insect control technicians will safely remove it so you can have a stress-free summer. Schedule your free inspection today.