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How To Keep Centipedes Out Of Your Louisville Home

centipede up close

There are some pests that most people find creepy; centipedes are one of them. There is something about their multitude of legs and slinky bodies scurrying across the floor that strikes terror in people. The funny thing is, centipedes are relatively harmless! They bite, but their venom is not toxic enough harm humans, and they aren’t aggressive; still, most people are not willing to share their homes with these critters. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep centipedes out of your home, and professional year-round pest control in Louisville that can help.

Times of year centipedes are most likely to invade

Centipedes can live for up to six years, which means that they do survive the winter and tolerate the summer. In the winter months, most centipedes find shelter and go dormant. When active, they live under damp leaves, near wood piles, in moist soil, or in any other place that is dark and damp. In the heat of summer, centipedes may seek shelter inside your cool damp basement, bathroom, closet, or other secluded areas. There are many types of centipedes that all have similar behaviors - except the house centipede, which will spend most of its life indoors.

Prevention tips to keep centipedes out

As most centipedes in Louisville start off outside, that is the best place for you to start with prevention. Clean up yard debris, leaves, and any rotting vegetation - especially around your foundation. Take measures to reduce excess moisture around your home by inspecting hoses for leaks and maintaining gutters. Examine your foundation for cracks and openings where centipedes could get inside your home. Install door sweeps, use insulation or caulking to seal up holes around utility entrances, repair cracks, and install vent covers on your dryer vent or other openings. Indoors try to keep your home free from moisture by inspecting pipes regularly and using dehumidifiers when necessary. Vacuum frequently to remove other pests that centipedes might feed on.

When to call the professionals

Any time you have a pest plaguing your home, it’s a good idea to call for professional pest control. At Action Pest Control we have the knowledge and expertise to help you rid your Louisville home of centipedes and other pests with our year-round pest control plans. We’ll help you choose the plan that is right for you and will make sure you have no more creepy centipedes in your Louisville home. For more information on our residential or commercial pest control services in Louisville or to schedule an appointment with one of our service experts, contact Action Pest Control today!