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Why Call Action If Mosquitoes Start Buzzing Around Your Elizabethtown Lawn

a mosquito biting a person

It’s finally the time of year we all look forward to. The weather is warming up, the flowers are starting to bloom, and nature is coming alive again after winter. However, when nature starts to come alive, some parts of nature are not so pleasant. Many pests become active again in the spring, including mosquitoes. Here’s why you should call Action Pest Control if mosquitoes in Elizabethtown start buzzing around your lawn this spring.

Why Mosquitoes Become Active in Spring

Mosquitoes don’t survive through the cold temperatures of winter. This is nice because it gives us a break from their itchy bites and the dangerous diseases they spread. Unfortunately, though, their eggs do survive.

Eggs laid in the fall can sit through the winter, then hatch when conditions are right in the spring. The conditions needed for mosquito eggs to hatch are twofold: It has to be warm enough and the eggs have to be covered in water. That makes spring the perfect time for mosquitoes to come back out in full force after a wintertime respite.

How to Prevent Mosquitoes From Overtaking Your Elizabethtown Lawn

When it comes to preventing mosquitoes on your own, the best thing you can do is get rid of every bit of standing water you can find. Even the tiniest amount of water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, so it’s important to look for big and small areas alike. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Low spots on your lawn
  • Clogged gutters
  • Pool covers that aren’t pulled tight
  • Bird baths
  • Tire swings
  • Flower pots

You can also plant mosquito-repelling plants, use citronella candles, and wear DEET on your clothing to help ward mosquitoes off.

Why Call Action if Mosquitoes Start Buzzing Around Your Elizabethtown Lawn

Even when you take preventative measures, mosquitoes can still find their way onto your lawn, ready to bite and bug you. The best way to ensure that they stay away is by calling Action Pest Control. We offer a seasonal mosquito control program that will help keep your Elizabethtown lawn largely mosquito-free. We first do an inspection to find the areas that are most prone to mosquito breeding, then we come once a month from April to October to treat your lawn with our EPA-approved mosquito control products.

We also offer one-time treatments to help you prepare for outdoor events. Give Action a call to learn more about our services.