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Why Call Action For Mosquito Treatment Before Outdoor Events

an outside event in the summer

Have you ever attended a picnic or barbecue and noticed that people are swatting their legs or arms because they keep getting bitten by mosquitoes? These are not the kind of memories you want people to have of your outdoor event.

People go through a lot of planning to put together a wedding, a graduation party, or any other event; one thing most people don’t think about until the event is in full swing is mosquitoes invading their event, and if your event is outside, mosquitoes take it is an open invitation - no reservation necessary!

You may be asking yourself, "What can I do about these mosquitoes?" While there are some steps you can take to prevent mosquitoes, there are also things that may be beyond your control. Outside elements aren’t the only factor in the equation, and not all factors can be eliminated - unless you totally remove people, but that wouldn’t exactly give you a reason to have a party or celebration, would it?

What attracts mosquitoes?

  • Standing water, such as water in pools, ponds, and creeks. Mosquitoes reproduce in stagnant water.
  • If you are exercising vigorously - such as playing outdoor games, and more - your body produces more carbon dioxide for a brief period, which will attract mosquitoes.
  • Mosquitoes can tell when you are hot and sweaty. They use the heat of your body to determine where blood is closest to the surface, so they know where to go to suck your blood.
  • There is evidence that mosquitoes are more attracted to people with type-O blood than people with A or B. Taking a blood test prior to inviting your guests would be just plain strange, if not over-the-top weird. Can you imagine sitting all your type-O blood guests at a far distant corner to ensure that the rest of the guests won’t be as annoyed by mosquitoes that are looking for the most delicious meal to dine on?
  • Mosquitoes can be attracted to different chemicals. It is commonly believed that estrogen could be one of them, which is why women are more often bitten by mosquitoes. Let’s face the facts - ladies really make the party! 
  • If you wear dark denim or black clothing, it can make you a target for mosquitoes because they are visual hunters. Dark clothing will cause you to stand out on a bright, sunny day.

Of the things that mosquitoes are attracted to, we can’t eliminate the human factor; but wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can have an outdoor wedding, graduation, or even a family reunion, without your guests all being pestered by mosquitos? Action’s mosquito control program is the answer you’re looking for!

You don’t want to have your guests breathing in the horrible smell of Citronella candles - not to mention that temperatures are already high enough that you probably don’t want to add to the heat sources. However, you do still need to repel mosquitoes. The best option is to treat your property, or the venue you may have secured for the special event, beforehand. That way you won’t have to worry about mosquitoes crashing your party or the viruses mosquitoes can transmit to your guests.

Action Pest Control can provide a one-time treatment service for an outdoor event or help with any other pest control problems you may have. Give us a call for a free inspection by a licensed pest control technician. This way, your guests will not be leaving early unless you run out of food and drinks.