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Fumigation Can Protect Illinois Food Processing Plants From Pest Damages

apples in a food processing plant

There are over 1,000 food processing plants in the state of Illinois. At Action Pest Control, it is our mission to support those plants with the highest level of commercial pest control. One of the methods we turn to often is fumigation. There are many reasons why commercial fumigation is perfect for all businesses, but it is especially suited for the task of protecting food processing plants.

Fumigation Is Perfect For Commodities

When you ship commodities out, it is important that they be pest-free. Nothing can ruin your reputation faster than a shipment arriving with insects in it. This can be a challenge. The commodities you ship out, such as grains, corn, rice, fruits, and vegetables are food for ants, fruit flies, Indian meal moths, beetles, weevils, cockroaches and other key pest threats. Fumigation can help you protect those products and your reputation. It attacks the organisms without harming the commodities. The process is simple: Before shipping, the commodities are put into a sealed room or railcar and treated with fumigants. This treatment option is perfect because it can eliminate stored product pests without harming your commodities. The treatment leaves no residual once it is complete and your products are ready to ship without insects crawling all over them or fluttering around in your storage containers.

Fumigation Is The Right Choice For Interior Pest Control

The ideal way to control pests is to eliminate them before they get in by applying pest control products around the foundation perimeter of the structure. But, when they get in, fumigation may be the right solution for eliminating them. 
One pest control solution commercial pest control providers will us is the application of foggers. While foggers may be used in a plant without the need for a shutdown, fumigation has an important benefit that foggers do not have. Foggers don't kill stored product pests in all stages of development. A fumigation will kill all stages of development for all targeted pests. It is like flicking a reset on those pests. While a shutdown might be inconvenient, it is far more inconvenient to have to continue to seal off areas of your plant for fogger treatments.

Fumigation is not topical. Foggers and sprayed pest control products rest on the top of surfaces when they settle. The gas used in fumigation travels and permeates, even into pores. It is perfect for getting into every nook, cranny, and hole. You're not going to have to worry about missing any pests during a fumigation treatment of your facility.

There is no cleanup. After using foggers or sprays, all the surfaces in the treated area must be cleaned to make sure no product is left to contaminate foods or beverages. Fumigates are not residual. When the treatment is done, the gases evaporate.

Fumigation In Illinois

Action Pest Control is a trusted leader in commercial fumigation service in Illinois and we have serviced some of the nation's leading food plants. With more than 30 years of experience performing fumigations across the state and in a variety of businesses, our service team members have the experience to get the job done right. When it comes to your business, you should have nothing less than the best commercial pest control available. There are just too many ways pests can hurt your bottom line.
If you have questions or you'd like to meet with one of our licensed fumigators, reach out to us today. We look forward to assisting you with this essential protection for your business.