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Why Fumigation Is An Excellent Solution For Grain Products

bread in a processing plant

If you own a food processing or grain manufacturing facility, you know how important it is for your grain products to stay untainted and free of outside contamination. However, when certain insect pests invade your property, keeping your grains insect-free can become a real challenge, especially if the infestation is allowed to grow to a severe problem.

Grain manufacturing has a high potential for attracting certain types of stored product pests, such as Indian meal moths and saw-toothed grain beetles, due to the vast available food sources these facilities provide for them. When these insect pests infest a grain facility, it can lead to devastating and long-lasting effects. Not only do insect infestations get much larger and more difficult to deal with over time, but they also have the capability to spread into grocery stores (and then homes, restaurants, etc.) if grain products have been contaminated with pests. One of the best ways you can effectively handle an out-of-control insect infestation is with a pest service known as fumigation.

Benefits Of Fumigation

Fumigation is a method of pest control most often used to treat infestations that have gotten out of hand, rather than infestations that are in earlier stages. However, fumigation can be used on a small or large scale. This method of pest control uses gas instead of traditional chemicals or pesticides, which means no residue is left behind after the fumigation process has been completed. Additionally, fumigation is gentle on products and hard on pests. The gas is able to penetrate hard-to-reach places to kill pests, while it does not damage food products. Fumigation is the best option for properties with many areas of infestation, especially when you consider the fact that it is a fast-acting solution which can eliminate 100% of targeted pests in the span of 24 hours!

How Action Can Help

No matter what season it is, the pest professionals here at Action Pest Control have the pest services you need to keep your grain manufacturing or food processing facility pest-free. Our fumigation experts have the knowledge necessary to identify and effectively eliminate any insect, rodent, or wildlife pests invading your buildings. Here at Action, we provide residents in our services areas pest solutions they can trust, which is why we recommend fumigation services for large-scale insect infestations. Reach out to us today for comprehensive commercial pest control services and solutions!