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How Increasing Pest Pressures Affects Flying Pest Populations

a pigeon up close

There are many reasons a bird may decide to come into your yard. The most obvious is the presence of seeds on the ground. If you're trying to grow new grass, birds are going to take notice. But there are many unexpected things that lure birds in, such as bug populations in your yard. Are you aware that birds eat an estimated 450 to 550 million tons of bugs each year? Yup. But birds don't have anything on bats. A single bat can eat as many as 1,200 bugs every hour. Birds only eat 60 bugs per hour. So, it is good to have birds and bats around, right? Well, not necessarily. That is the topic of our discussion today.

While birds and bats definitely play a role in the reduction of bug populations, they bring their own set of problems when they come into your yard. They can damage your property directly by nesting in vulnerable spots and indirectly by leaving their corrosive droppings on building materials. The droppings they leave can be contaminated and lead to sickness. Their presence can lead to the contamination of sensitive locations. And when they get into electrical boxes, they can cause power outages. But one of the most interesting issues that birds and bats create is the introduction of ticks and other parasites. While they're eating up the mosquitoes in the air, they're dropping ticks in your yard (and inside your home if they have found a way in). These can expose you to dangerous tick-borne diseases.

It is definitely important to have birds and bats around your property but when they get close to your home or business they can present a threat. That is why it is wise to get bat and pest bird control. The same products that are used to control birds also work to control bats. And, if you invest in residential pest control in Indianapolis, you can have the dangerous bugs on your property reduced without having other dangerous bugs brought in to replace them.

While birds and bats are nature's pest control providers, they aren't the best solutions for your home pest control needs. Reach out to Action Pest Control and find out if you're in our service area. We provide industry-leading pest control for birds, bats, and the bugs they love to eat.