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How To Keep Black Widow Spiders From Invading Your Louisville Home

black widow spider on a web

It can happen when you’re picking up a box in the garage, or grabbing some wood from the woodpile; suddenly, a black widow spider crawls out! Its presence can be startling, even if it doesn't bite you. If the black widow does bite, however, fear will often set in on top of the pain. Male black widows in Louisville rarely bite, but female black widows, on the other hand, are very aggressive.

It’s important to know that black widow spider bites are not as deadly as people presume; in fact, it’s rare for a bite to cause a fatality. Medical attention is necessary, however, as it can help to prevent some of the severe symptoms. The amount of venom injected can vary, causing the symptoms to be more severe in some cases versus other cases. Symptoms can also vary due to other factors such as the person’s age. The symptoms of a black widow bite can include fever, chills, nausea, body aches, muscle spasms, increased blood pressure, and sweating. You can learn more in our previous blog, How Dangerous Are Black Widow Spiders?

Black widow spiders are shiny and black, with red hourglass-shaped markings on their underbellies. They grow to be about 34.9mm to 38.1mm long. Black widows are attracted to places with lots of clutter and not a lot of activity. They can be found in barns, outhouses, sheds, garages, basements, crawl spaces, and other similar locations. They are more active in warmer temperatures, preferring over 70-degree weather; they can, however, remain active in cooler temps, with the right conditions.

Protecting yourself against black widow spiders can save you a lot of trouble. Action Pest Control recommends the following actions to prevent attracting these spiders and their bites:

  • Shake out shoes before putting them on.
  • Check between sheets before getting into bed.
  • Be careful when picking up objects that haven’t been moved in a while.
  • Reduce clutter in the yard and in areas of your home.
  • Place woodpiles away from your home and at least five inches off the ground.
  • Use gloves when moving items in the garage or basement.
  • Contact professional pest control.

When spiders have infested your Louisville home or garage, call Action Pest Control. Our home pest control is exactly what you need to protect you and your family from black widow spiders. Our certified and trained technicians will eliminate current infestations, covering over 40 household pests. They will also work to prevent future infestations, so you can say goodbye to worrying every time you pick up a box in the garage. To get started, contact Action Pest Control today!