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How Professional Rodent Removal Helps Lexington Homeowners

a rat hiding in the rafters

There are three ways to deal with a rodent problem; the first is the easiest, but it has the worst consequences - you could simply do nothing. The second takes a lot of work, but could achieve the same results as the first - you could try to capture those rodents yourself, and attempt to seal your exterior walls to prevent more rodents from getting in. The third is as easy as the first, but has the best chances of success and long-lasting control. Let's take a look at these three rodent "solutions" up close.

Do Nothing

If you do nothing to stop rodents from getting into your home, you're putting yourself and everyone who lives in your home at risk. Rodents are some of the most dangerous pests that will invade your Lexington home; here are just a few of the threats they present:

  • Rodents are mechanical vectors for harmful bacteria and human pathogens. They can contaminate foods, food-prep surfaces, dishes, utensils and more.
  • Rodents carry parasites such as ticks and fleas, which are a disease threat.
  • Rodents damage building materials when they chew their way into a home and when they create their nests inside a home.
  • Rodents can sever live wires when they chew through building materials. This can result in a house fire.
  • Rodents damage the belongings in a home, especially items that are kept in storage.

Do Something

If you decide to get rid of those rodents on your own, there can be many pitfalls. Rodents are difficult to control, and even more difficult to keep out. The worst problem that can arise is thinking these rodents have been eliminated when they have not. Rodents are quiet creatures that are wired to avoid being caught. It is easy to think you got them when you didn't; this can lead to ongoing rodent-related illness in your home.

Call Someone

When you hire professionals like the ones at Action Pest Control, you won't have to wonder if your rodent problem has been resolved. Our highly trained and experienced rodent control professionals use field-tested methods to detect rodent activity and the most advanced products to capture and remove them. Once this is done, your service professional will seal off any entry/exit points and give you recommendations for resolving conditions around your home that are conducive to rodent activity. This is a comprehensive solution that will ensure proper control of this threat. For immediate assistance with any rodent-related problems, contact Action Pest Control today!