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Most Common Pest Birds In Indiana

a pigeon with pretty feathers

Though they don't mean to, birds become pests when they get into commercial locations. They take advantage of every gap, crack, ledge, pipe, rafter, electrical box, and more, in order to establish their nests. When they do, it can lead to structural damage, corrosion of building materials, accidental fire, unwanted noise, costly cleanup, and a risk to public health. Birds don't need to create a roost to become a problem. Droppings left by pest birds are corrosive, slippery, unsightly, and may contain harmful bacteria or diseases. Birds don't mean to be pests, but their presence can create many headaches for business owners. Here are a few of the common pest birds we have in Indiana.


Everyone knows what a pigeon is but most do not understand how filthy they are. They are opportunistic feeders, often dining in dumpsters, trash heaps, and garbage cans to get a meal. This makes their droppings a significant health concern.


These birds can be a problem in any commercial environment but they have earned quite a reputation with farmers. Starlings feed on the high-protein supplements that are added to the feed given to livestock. They can also spread disease from one facility to another.


These are highly adaptable birds that can be a plague for any business that has vegetables, fruit, or seeds on their property. They also contaminate any food sources. It is a short flight from a dumpster to grain storage.

Canada Geese

While certainly a beautiful bird, a Canada goose can produce as much as 3 pounds of feces a day. Since these birds are often found near water sources, this often introduces bacteria into the water.


Some consider ducks to be a beneficial bird to have around because they help with pest control. But it is not wise to use a pest to control pests. Ducks can trample vegetation as they go searching for bugs, worms, and other protein. If you've invested in landscaping, you're going to regret having ducks around. 

If you own a business in Indiana, reach out to Action Pest Control for bird solutions. The team here at Action draws from an extensive list of control products to meet the individual needs of our customers. Get your bird protection in place today.