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Why Bird Control Is Vital To Restaurants

wine and cheese at a restaurant

We don't usually think of birds as pests. Most birds are beautiful, fanciful creatures that flutter through the air and dance on tree branches. They're so fun to watch, we set up bird feeders in our yards to lure birds in for our enjoyment. But birds in Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky can present many issues for a restaurant. Some may even surprise you.

1. Outdoor Dining.

Your customers may find it fun to see a bird land on a railing or hop around on the ground nibbling at a french fry, but droppings left on their table or--worse--in their food, will not make their outdoor dining experience a pleasant one. This is one of the primary issues with birds. They don't stay where we want them to stay.

2. Roost Damage

When birds make a nest on a ledge or rafter, it can be unsightly. If they establish a nest in a soffit, it can cause damage. This damage can catch the eye of customers and make them feel as if your restaurant is not being kept up. Roosts can also cause clogs in gutters and drains.

3. Droppings

Bird droppings can present many issues for a restaurant. They can cause customers to slip as they walk in or out. They are unsightly. They contain acids that are corrosive to building materials. They can contain illness-causing ectoparasites, allergens, and pathogens.

4. Fire

Some pest birds create their nests in electrical boxes and this can lead to a fire. Birds are also known to carry lit cigarettes back to their nests by accident. While fires set by birds are rare, it is best to address birds' nests when you see them.

5. Contamination

In cities, pigeons are sometimes referred to as flying rats. This is an accurate title. Pigeons are scavengers that get into some extremely dirty locations. And they can carry harmful bacteria into storage areas if they find a way in.

At Action Pest Control, we offer a wide range of bird control services. Netting can be applied to keep birds away from outdoor dining areas. Bird spikes can be applied to rooflines, ledges, and signage to deter pest birds from perching or roosting. We offer deterrents for pigeons, geese, sparrows, starlings, ducks, bats, and more.

For assistance with bird control in Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky, start here. Our team has the experience and training to protect your restaurant from the influence of pest birds.