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Getting Rid Of Brown Recluse Spiders

brown recluse on a paper towel

There are many spiders that can get into your home, but the brown recluse spider is worse than all of the other spiders combined. As you are probably aware, the recluse has a venom that can have necrotic properties. While not every bite will create a disfiguring wound, it is definitely better to be safe than sorry. If you're struggling with a brown recluse infestation in your home, the following should help you get onto the right track.

A brown recluse infestation is a serious problem, one that should not be resolved with do-it-yourself spider control products. Here are 4 reasons to call a professional:

  • Professionals have methods and protocols for monitoring pests. If any spiders remain in your home after treatment, your technician will know. That is real peace of mind for you and your family.
  • Professionals are educated in spider management procedures developed by experts in the fields of entomology and pest control. They know where to apply products inside and outside of your home to be sure that brown recluse come in contact with it. They are also trained to recognize favorable conditions and locations of potential harborage.
  • Professionals must follow strict safety guidelines and government regulations. When products are applied, it is done right. The last thing you need is to replace one poisonous threat with another.
  • Professionals deal with more than just brown recluse spiders. They also take care of a wide range of pests that these spiders choose as food. When all pests are reduced and controlled, the threat of brown recluse spiders is significantly less.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Get Rid Of Spiders In My Home?

Yes. While we don't recommend that you rely on these tips to arrest a brown recluse infestation, there are some things you can do:

  • Stack boxes and clean storage areas to make them less inviting to spiders.
  • Examine your exterior walls and seal any entry point you find. When you keep bugs out of your home, you'll be starving brown recluse.
  • Install a dehumidifier in humid or moist locations in your home, like the cellar or attic. This will drive moisture pests out and, hopefully, brown recluse with them.
  • Inspect dark, secluded locations for webs in low areas. If you find a web, use a vacuum to quickly suck the web and the spiders up into it. Dispose of the bag outside. Be sure to wear protective clothing and bring a lot of light, so you do not get bitten.

If you live in Terre Haute or our extensive service area, let the team here at Action Pest Control help you solve your spider problem with one-time service or year-round home pest control services. Life has enough unexpected misery without adding the dangers of pests into the mix. Take action and get Action!