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Why Geese Are Bad For Business

geese on a golf course

We see them every spring and fall as they fly overhead in their familiar V-formation. Geese are beautiful birds that are easily recognized, and they are harbingers of the changing seasons. Not all geese are migratory though; some resident species live in the same area year-round. Either way, both migratory and resident geese can cause problems for your business if allowed to get out of control!

Geese are very adaptable to all types of living situations. They can be found in rural, suburban, and urban areas, so whether you make your livelihood in the country, in the city, or somewhere in between, it’s possible that these pest birds will become a problem for your business. Below are some of the problems geese can cause on your commercial property, as well as what to do about them.

The Problems

Geese build their nests in a variety of areas, but typically within a short distance to a body of water. Some common places for them to nest include shrubbery, tall grasses alongside a shoreline, at the base of trees or buildings, or on rooftops, especially in urban areas. While this may not seem very problematic by itself, geese, especially the males, become very aggressive from the time they lay their eggs to the time their goslings are able to fly. If your business is dependant on foot traffic, you certainly don’t want aggressive birds bothering your customers!

Geese eat a variety of plants and seeds. They love to feed on pond weeds, grass, oats, wheat, and corn, to name just a few of their food sources. When goose populations get too high, they can denude lawns or common areas, which is not only an eyesore, but can also cause erosion problems! Whether you grow crops, run a golf course, or have a lovely lawn and garden area at your business, you do not want geese overrunning it and eating all the vegetation.

Similarly, goose droppings make these same areas both unpleasant and unsanitary. Goose waste can carry parasites that are dangerous to humans. They also increase algae growth in ponds and lakes, which can lead to fish kills. If geese frequent a swimming area, that area must sometimes be shut down to humans for health reasons.

Besides the more serious threats that geese can pose, they can also simply be a nuisance. While a few geese may not bother anyone, a large flock can be both noisy and messy. They molt in early summer, leaving feathers all over the place. In addition, if people start to feed them, you will soon find your small pest bird problem becoming a much larger problem!

The Solution

If geese are becoming pest birds that are hurting your business, contact the professionals at Action Pest Control to take care of the problem. We have over 30 years of knowledge and experience and will solve your pest bird problem in a way that is both effective and humane. Contact Action Pest Control to learn more about our bird control options.