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Why Fumigation Is Ideal For Pharmaceutical Plants

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When it comes to pest control, pharmaceutical plants face many challenges. Not only do these facilities store perishable products, but they are also closely watched by the FDA to make sure they are maintaining a cleanly and pest-free environment. When pests find their way into your home, they can create a variety of problems. These problems are best addressed with fumigation services!

In sensitive environments, fumigation is often the best choice for several reasons. Here are just a few of them:

  • Chemical insecticides are topical. They do not get into the gaps and cracks where insects hide. These insecticides depend on those pests coming out of the cracks that they are hiding in or they must be injected into wall voids and other hidden cavities where pest activity is suspected. Fumigant gases work their way into pores, gaps, crevices, and cracks to get to hidden pests.
  • Insecticides leave a residue. This can taint products and cause issues. Fumigants leave no residuals after a treatment is concluded. This lack of residue also makes fumigation the perfect option for decontamination because it allows equipment to remain in the facility during the procedure.
  • During the sterilization processes, fumigation is necessary to address microbes in the air of controlled areas.
    In many circumstances, fumigants can be applied to stored goods to arrest pest problem without destroying the product.

Other benefits of fumigation include:

A fast elimination of targeted pests. When a facility has to be shut down for pest control it is important to choose a solution with a fast turnaround so the facility can resume production quickly.
Elimination of pests in all stage of development. From egg to adult, no pest is safe from a fumigation service.

If you need a fumigation or ongoing Integrated Pest Management services that meet and exceed the stringent requirements of third-party auditors, the commercial pest control experts at Action Pest Control can help you keep your facility in compliance! Not only are we a trusted leader in fumigation services, our team is highly trained and experienced in developing commercial pest control solutions for businesses, both large and small. These solutions include exclusions, mechanical controls, harborage reduction, sanitation programs, environmental controls, and the application of treatment protocols. All of this is supported by detailed documentation to make sure you always have a record, which will appease the curiosity of regulators and the scrutiny of customers.

Give us a call today to see how our pest control experts can help you maintain a pre-free environment.