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Are Odorous House Ants Dangerous?

an odorous house ant up close

There are some pests in Lexington that can truly strike fear in your heart. The black widow spider, for instance, is a name almost everyone knows, due to the rare but serious harm they can cause! The common little mouse certainly has some people jumping up on chairs! But then there is the odorous house ant... sure by the name you can tell they are probably stinky, but can they cause harm to you or your home? The short answer is no. This doesn't mean, however, that they aren't a serious nuisance, and well worth avoiding if possible. 

How Can I Spot an Odorous House Ant?

Ants are common inside Lexington homes. They are tiny which makes it easy for them to fit through the smallest cracks and crevices, and they are foragers which makes your pantry the perfect target. Odorous house ants have a smooth but irregular-shaped body and are brown or black in color. They are typically about 1/8” in length. You will see them during both day and night as the workers scurry around looking for food. The one surefire way to distinguish an odorous house ant from another type of ant is to squish the body. If it smells like rotten coconut, you’ve found the odorous house ant.

How Can I Prevent Odorous House Ants in my Lexington Home?

Just like with almost all household pests, if you remove their food source, you generally rid yourself of them. The problem with odorous house ants is that they are incredibly small and can get inside tiny cracks, cereal boxes, syrup containers – anything that is not completely sealed. They love sweet and sticky foods and meat products the most. It’s a good idea to wipe your pantry, cabinets, counters, and tables frequently to get rid of any sticky residue. Cover up pet food and put it away when it’s not mealtime. Sweep and mop up any juice spills immediately – there’s no better treat than some sticky lemonade or orange juice!  

When To Get Professional Help Getting Rid Of Odorous House Ants

If you just want to prevent an ant problem in the first place rather than having to deal with an infestation, the professionals at Action Pest Control can help you with a pest prevention plan. If you’ve tried the home pest control methods and are still finding yourself with an odorous house ant problem, Action Pest Control can examine your home for entry points and help with a plan to seal them up. They will look for problem areas and food that might be attracting the ants. Then they will devise a treatment plan that works for you and your family. You do not have to worry about being invaded by the stinky smell of rotten coconut in your Lexington home with the help of Action Pest Control.