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How Ant Problems Start In Indianapolis Homes

a fire ant on a tree branch

Figuring out how pests are getting inside your Indianapolis home is usually the first step in defeating them. However, the answers aren’t always obvious. Most insects and creatures sit in places that are hard to reach. On top of that, their size and speed can make it difficult to spot them. Given this, professional pest interventions in Indianapolis are the way to go. This is especially true with ants.

Ants are more dangerous than they seem. They have bacteria on their skin that will contaminate surfaces and food. You and your loved ones can become ill. Further, certain species have additional risk factors. Learn more about local ants, where they come from, and how to stop them with Action Pest Control.

What Ants Are Common in Indianapolis? What Are the Dangers?

Carpenter, pavement, and odorous house ants all plague the Indianapolis area. Carpenter ants are some of the biggest you’ll see around, as they are 0.25 to 0.50 of an inch long. While they are typically black, some populations are orange, yellow, tan, brown, red, or reddish-black. These bugs destroy wood like termites; they create nests and tunnels in the material. Outdoors, you’re bound to see them festering in logs and trees. Indoors, they’ll be attacking foundations. Signs of infestation include finding piles of wood shavings and having hollow walls.

Pavement ants in Indianapolis are the expected size of 0.09 to 0.12 of an inch long. They have brown or black skin, but their projecting appendages are a light color. As you might have concluded, these insects huddle in driveways and sidewalks. Naturally, they’ll end up around your porches and decks as well. Their digging activities damage soil, and subsequently, yards. When they penetrate homes, they’ll center in the kitchen. They have the ability to sting, so watch out.

Odorous house ants have a couple of similarities to pavement ants. First, they too are about  0.12 of an inch long. Second, they are black or brown. This species is known for invading domiciles. The endless supply of warmth, water, and food attracts them. It’s no surprise that they congregate in heaters, pipes, and carpeting. You might catch them near structural gaps, floor voids, and paneling as well. A foul coconut scent will be released if you crush them, hence their name. The bites of odorous house ants will bring moderate pain. Just one of these pests signals an infestation.

How Can You Prevent Indianapolis Ants?

Once an ant intrusion has started, it can be challenging to get it under control. These insects can often multiply very quickly. It’s best to enact preventative measures to stay ahead of them. Remember, that the bugs are driven by organic matter, food, moisture, and cozy shelter. Lessen the availability of these elements by doing the following:

  • Patch up holes in foundations, screens and windows, doors, and utility lines. Ants can get through tiny cracks. 
  • Attach sweeps to all exterior doors. 
  • Repair leaks and moisture glitches; especially those dampening wood. 
  • Put food and garbage in airtight containers and don’t exclude pet meals. 
  • Wipe up food spills and crumbs immediately.
  • Thoroughly clean the kitchen, pantry, and dishes regularly.
  • Remove the trash and vacuum on a routine basis. 
  • Cut the grass and trim greenery frequently. Distance plants and flowers from the property.
  • Get organic debris off the lawn.

What Can Action Pest Control Do About Indianapolis Ants?

At Action Pest Control, we prioritize well-rounded care. Both interior and exterior treatments are available through our affordable ant control plans. From window sills to landscaping, our safe and effective solutions will address your critter issues and eliminate ants long-term. Services are guaranteed, and unlimited visits are an option. Call us at Action Pest Control today for a free inspection!