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Spring Pests On The Way In Louisville

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April showers and May flowers. We are all eagerly waiting. When you have spent a long winter holed up in the house it is nice to get some warmer temperatures even when you have to put up with the dampness that spring often brings with it here in Louisville, Kentucky. As happy as we all are to see spring arrive, that wet weather can also cause some serious problems for a homeowner.

Common pests are also glad to see spring arrive. Wet weather and damp areas around your property are a haven to many pests because, just like every other creature, these pests need moisture to survive. Carpenter ants looking for new nesting places for the season make their home in any damp and rotting wood they can find. This includes any wood or debris piles in your yard or even in your house if moisture has seeped inside from leaking roofs, or melting ice dams. Other pests are also on the move during this time. Termites, cockroaches, and spiders, among others, are coming out after a winter hiatus and searching for the perfect spring and summer home. All of these pests are attracted to our homes because they can offer what they need most to breed and to survive: moisture, food, and shelter. Even the mosquito, the bane of the summer sunset, is starting to come alive and looking for standing water and moist areas to lay eggs.

It isn’t just insects that are on the move, either. Mice are in on the act. Wood in the structure of your home that is wet and rotting is an easy way in for mice, just as it is for other pests. It is easy to chew through, and these creatures only need a tiny space to be able to fit their whole bodies in the opening. From there, it only takes a few undisturbed weeks for a breeding population of these disease infested vermin to make a nest and start their family.

Luckily, property owners can help their situation with a few home maintenance tips for spring. First, make sure that any pipes in your home are in good repair. Have leaks fixed and drains unplugged. Make sure that gutters are cleaned out so water will flow away from your roof and any broken shingles are replaced. Any wood piles or debris from the winter that is near your home should be moved at least 20 feet away. Any standing water outside such as empty plant pots should be emptied of their water and put away. Even if the outside of these are dry, the interior is likely very wet and a great hiding spot for pests who might then head into your home. Check the attic and basement for access moisture. If it seems wet, try a dehumidifier to dry out the wood and prevent further damage.

The best way to rid a home of pests is to prevent them from getting in. That is where Action Pest Control can help. We offer a variety of year-round pest prevention packages that will fit any budget in any sized home. Set up your initial inspection and find out from our team which package suits your home best. Keep your home and your family safe from pests this spring by giving us a call today.