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Help Us Get The Word Out About Termite Awareness Week!

a termite on wood

It is almost spring here in Indianapolis, and you know what that means? It is almost time for Termite Awareness Week. This year (2017), it falls on March 12-18. But, why do we have Termite Awareness Week this time of year? And, why is termite awareness such a big deal? We're glad you asked.

We all know that termites are a destructive pest issue. There is no shortage of news stories about how termites have completely destroyed homes and businesses. But a surprising number of people don't take this pest problem seriously. Termites are not an insect any property owner should shrug off. They cost property owners in the U.S. billions of dollars every year. And the people who pay the lion's share of all that money to fix termite damage are the people who don't have termite protection. That is why termite awareness is so important.

Why do we have Termite Awareness Week this time of year? Spring is the time of year when termite swarmers are most likely to appear on window panes, window sills, walls, and patios. And termite swarmers are a warning sign that people should fully understand.

There was a time when news only came from structured news sources. But we live in an age of social media now. Everyone has the potential to make a difference. If you'd like to help us protect people from the heart-wrenching experience of finding out that termites have completely destroyed their home or business, here are a few quotes you can share to get the word out.

"Termite swarmers are usually a sign of a mature nest already on your property, not an infestation that is about to happen."

"Termite swarms don't last long or travel far. If you're seeing swarmers on your home, they may have come from your home."

"Termite swarmers are reproductive termites that are looking for a new place to build a nest. When you see them, take action."

"Termite damage can be prevented with modern pest control protocols. This protection can be safe and entirely eco-friendly."

"Termite Awareness Week, Mar 12-18, 2017. Get the word out and let's help each other protect our property from these destructive pests! #termiteawarenessweek"

"Spring termite swarmers are a sign of a mature colony expanding to form new nests. #termiteawarenessweek"

"Termite damage is a billion dollar problem. But it is a problem that can be solved with termite service from a certified pest control company."

"Do you have termite insurance? Ask your insurance company if your home policy covers termites. #termiteawarenessweek"

Termites are destructive, silent pests that can turn a dream home into a nightmare, and a thriving business into a money pit. Help us get the word out. The more we understand about these destructive insects, the better we can protect ourselves against the damage they cause.