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Why Ducks Are Bad For Business

a duck in the grass

There are a lot of things that can be bad for business. A slumping economy, a machinery malfunction, or a labor dispute may be things that you would consider to be top billing; but do ducks even make the list? It is hard to believe that those cute little water fowl could possibly be bad for business. After all, they are sweet little creatures that everyone loves to watch as they paddle through the pond or waddle along the street. You may think that ducks in the area finding your commercial property desirable could be good for business. After all, a few ducks on your property may just draw in some consumers that wouldn’t otherwise have noticed you; but you would soon learn that these pest birds will give you more than you bargained for.

What could possibly be the downside to hosting a few wild ducks on your property? Well, for starters mess. Ducks are not exactly the neatest creatures around. They create a disproportionate amount of dung that they leave wherever and whenever the urge hits them. This can cause a ‘slip-and-fall’ danger for employees and customers. Plus, if too many ducks congregate in any one area it can lead to overcrowding, water pollution, nutritional deficits, and increased risk of disease in these fowl.

Besides, your commercial facility doesn’t exactly offer ducks the large wildlife areas that these birds are used to. This will cause overgrazing which will erode lawns and cause a buildup of feces that will result in contamination making your property unsanitary and unusable. The obvious result will be massive decontamination and clean-up costs.

The most notable disease that ducks can transmit to people is Salmonella, but there are several avian diseases that are transmittable to humans as well. Ducks also come equipped with mites, a parasite that can and will attach to people causing irritation and illnesses such as scabies, and a mange-like illness for pets.

When ducks decide that your commercial property is where they want to hang out, be sure to contact the bird control experts here at Action Pest Control. We will quickly respond to assess your property looking for conditions that are drawing ducks in. We will focus on non-lethal bird deterrents, removal, and harassment techniques to control the duck population on your property. This may include exclusion installations, structural modification, nest and roost removal, and flock dispersion; and we will finish with roost decontamination.

To learn more about our effective bird control solutions for ducks, pigeons, geese, starlings, or any other pest bird, simply contact Action Pest Control today.