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Prevent Stink Bugs Now

a stink bug on a stump

While folks all around Terre Haute are enjoying a summer of sun, hanging out by the lake or pool, and spending time with family and friends the very last thing that anyone wants to think about is fall. But, the countdown to fall now can be measured in weeks instead of months. Fall is already on its way making its presence known, not by the coloring of leaves but by the Halloween décor already making their way to department store shelves and the school shopping sales are already in progress. If you are a homeowner who has ever had to deal with overwintering pests in your walls, you know that now is the time to get a plan in place to make sure that they do not move in again when the weather begins to cool.

One such winter houseguest is frequently the brown marmorated stink bug. This pest is actually not native to the US. It was introduced here in the 1990's, likely through packing material. Without any natural enemies in this country, the stink bug quickly spread across the country to at least 43 states thus far. Each winter, the stink bug looks for somewhere warm and comfortable to wait out the cold weather.

If you have had these uninvited houseguests before you are probably already aware of the problem they can become. Toward the end of the fall season, the stink bug finds its way into unsuspecting homes through cracks around windows and doors, as well as through small holes in screens. From there they stay inside the walls of the home they have invaded to wait out the winter. There is always a chance that the homeowner has no idea of their presence unless, during a fluke January or February thaw, the stink bugs make their way into the living area of the home thinking that spring has sprung. They are trying to make their way outside, but do occasionally lose their way and end up on the living room windows soaking up as much sun as they can. Luckily, the stink bug causes no lasting damage to the homes they invade, however they do come by their name naturally. A squished stink bug sends off an offensive odor. If there are hundreds living in your walls, imagine the scent lingering throughout your home?

No one wants to live with that many bugs just on the other side of the drywall. Now is the time to check around the home for entry points that stink bugs, along with a multitude of other pests use as entry points. Fix the screens, put caulking and weather stripping around windows and doors to plug up entry points, make sure to check for loose siding and shingles. A little light home maintenance can help prevent unwanted pests.

Even with home maintenance, unwanted pests can still find their way in. Homeowners are invited to give us a call at Action Pest Control. We have several residential pest control plans that are tailor made to fit your home’s needs and budget to keep stink bugs and other pests far away from your home all year long. Talk to one of our experts to see how we can keep overwintering pests out of your Terre Haute home this year.