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How Action Treats For Ticks

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Who knew that a tiny little 1/4 inch arachnid could cause such a stir? They have eight legs, just like other arachnids do; and their brown shells do not stand out, either. They don’t fly, and they don’t jump. Nothing concerning there! So what could all the fuss be about? Well, don’t let the innocent looking tick fool you. To see this pest, you would never guess the power that it packs!

What the tiny tick lacks in size and comeliness, it makes up for with its fear factor. The tick has earned its claim-to-fame because of its ability to carry and transmit serious illness to people and pets. Though tick-borne illness has been around for quite some time, these diseases have exploded in the past few decades; and with the mild winter, this year promises to be the worse yet!

If you live here in Lexington, then you are likely to come in contact with three species of ticks: the blacklegged tick, the American dog tick, and the brown dog tick. All of them specialize in their own specific illnesses that they can spread which can include: Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Colorado tick fever, Powassan virus, and more. And while the blacklegged tick (or deer tick) is the only one known to transmit Lyme, there certainly are enough other tick diseases to go around. In fact, the CDC recognizes at least 16 serious illnesses that ticks can transmit to people.

So, with ticks being in the limelight so much lately, it may leave you wondering what you can do to avoid these little menaces. You may be tempted to confine yourself to your home in an attempt to avoid contact with ticks, but that really won’t work. Ticks can come inside on pets, or they can be carried in on rodents and other pests that secretly invade your home; and while the brown dog tick is the only one that can live comfortably inside your home, the other species can make an appearance long enough to feed on a host.

The best way to avoid tick bites and the diseases that they transmit is by using an insect repellent that contains DEET whenever you are out in areas that are known to house ticks. Make sure to wear light colored clothing, so you can easily see ticks when they crawl onboard. Tuck pant legs into your socks and wear closed-toed shoes. Shower as soon as you return home from spending time in nature, and make sure to look carefully for ticks.

When you are out in the big, wide world, this is about all that you can do to avoid encounters with ticks; but in your own yard, there are other things to consider. Cut back wooded areas and keep your grass mowed short. Place a stone barrier between any woodlands and your grass line; and remove wood piles, brush, and leaves from your yard as soon as possible. It is also a good idea to eliminate foliage next to your foundation, to keep up-to-date on your pet’s flea and tick treatments from your veterinarian, and to utilize tick control treatments from Action Pest Control.

You may have thought about using tick control in your yard, but wondered how it could be effective. Ticks abound and it is sometimes hard to grasp exactly how tick control can keep ticks from invading your property. Well, we can’t speak for the ‘other’ guys; but when you rely on the trusted team here at Action Pest Control, this is how we help you to reduce your encounters with ticks:

First we target ticks outdoors where tick troubles originate. We apply residual products to vegetation where the adult ticks commonly wait for a host to come in range. Next, we target the nymphs that typically shelter in the thatch layer of grass in shady areas. We use a granular insecticides on these areas. Finally, we use a spot application indoors on cracks and crevices and around the base of walls. These comprehensive tick treatments can help you avoid contact with ticks and the illnesses that they spread.

We offer flea and tick control in our Complete and Premier services, or you may opt for a one-time treatment to control ticks before a big event like a wedding, barbecue, or reunion. Don’t take unnecessary risks when it comes to ticks, contact the tick control experts here at Action Pest Control to learn more about our effective home pest control services.