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How Winter Weather Makes Your Home Vulnerable To Pests

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Though we have had a milder winter this year in Terre Haute, there are still many ways winter can promote pest invasions. Winter is a time of year when all states get more precipitation and generally stronger winds. Here are some ways winter weather can make your home vulnerable to pests.

Rain And Snow

You've probably heard the old adage, "It never rains but it pours." Well, "If it isn't snowing, it is raining," is a much more accurate saying. But, whether it is snow or rain, it is still moisture, and moisture in the soil near your exterior walls, and on the wood of your home, makes it attractive to pests.

Wet, rotting wood is easier for pests to chew through, and many pests are actually drawn to homes that have been weakened by exposure to water. Rodents will have no trouble getting in, and carpenter ants will be able to do much more damage in a shorter period of time.

Moisture in the soil around your home creates the perfect environment for termites and other moisture pests. Termites are the worst because they can do significant damage to your home. But moist soils will also encourage insects, like silverfish, to come in near your exterior walls. This can lead to an infestation that can damage the belongings inside your home.

When rains soak your home in winter, you can have immediate problems with pests. But, generally, it is in spring when people start to see the pest issues caused by winter, as snow and ice melt and perimeter soil becomes damp.


Winter storms can wreak havoc on your home with high winds and frigid temperatures. If you don't cringe every time you hear the words, "winter weather warning," you should. When winds rush over a home, it can create gaps in siding and loose shingles. For insects that like to hide under bark, these loose items are a perfect hiding place. When they hide under your siding and shingles, it isn't long before they find a way inside.


While it may be pretty to have a line of sparkly icicles trimming your roof, it can create gaps in your roofline, eaves, and soffits. These are gaps that squirrels will be quick to exploit, and bugs will be happy to explore.

There isn't much you can do about the weather, but what you can control is how many pests are in your yard, and how vulnerable your home is to pest invasion.

At Action Pest Control, we apply home pest control protocols that are season-appropriate. These work to reduce pest populations and pest pressures, and strengthen areas that have been made vulnerable by winter damage. We also give our customers actionable data to help them address issues such as moisture that can promote pest activity. If you want a home that is more resistant to pests all year long, take action and get Action.