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Does Bird Control Hurt The Bird?

a flying goose

At Action Pest Control, we love birds. The folks who work here were kids once, just like you. We all loved feeding bread and chips to pigeons. We all loved holding out french fries, in the hopes that a bird would pluck it from our hand. We loved to watch a herd of ducks or geese come running for some crackers. Birds are amazing creatures. But, just like you, we grew up and found out that birds can be a problem when they get into the wrong places. So, we have developed bird control strategies that work without harming birds in any way. Here are some of the ways we do this.

While bird spikes may seem mean, they are actually a harassment technique that lets birds know where they are not welcome. Spikes can be put on signs to prevent damage. They can be put on rooflines and ledges to prevent roosting and congregating. Any surface that pest birds may use can be fitted with birds spikes. These aren't to poke the birds. They act more like scarecrows. When birds are looking for a place to land, these spiked areas will gently prompt them to choose another building.

Structural modifications, like bird netting, are an easy fix that does not harm birds. Nets can be used to keep birds out of machinery and other sensitive equipment, or to block a whole area that must be protected from the droppings birds leave. Netting can keep birds out of desirable roosting locations on your structure, and prevent them from perching.

There is no need to hurt those birds. Through the use of structural modifications, exclusion installations, and flock dispersion, it is easy to let birds know where they should and should not be.

If you already have birds roosting, we also offer humane nest and roost removal. This service includes roost decontamination to make sure no harmful contaminants are left in these areas. Birds are connected to many illnesses, such as histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, psittacosis, mycobacterium avium complex, and can carry secondary pests, such as ticks, which come with their own list of health threats.

In their proper context, and when controlled properly, birds enrich our lives. But, when they get into the wrong areas, they can be a threat to health and property.

At Action Pest Control, we believe effective bird control can be achieved without harm. Give us a call if you would like to learn more about our bird control services we provide, or to set up an appointment for service.