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How To Get Rid Of Pigeons

a pigeon on a bench looking around

Birds are pretty to look at but they're also pretty in another way. When birds come onto the property of a business, they can be pretty frustrating. Canada geese destroy waterways. Crows congregate and create a noise disturbance. Starlings get into electrical boxes and present a fire hazard. While all birds cause many similar problems, each pest bird has its own unique traits that make it unique. Let's take a look at pigeons.

Common Bird Problems

Like all pest birds, you can expect pigeons to create the following issues when they come onto your property:

  • Birds leave droppings everywhere. Droppings are not just unsightly, they present many issues. When left on walkways, they can be a slipping hazard for customers and employees. When left on exterior surfaces, they can present a health hazard. When dropped on customers, they can leave a very bad impression. And the droppings from birds are acidic and corrosive to building materials.
  • The nests created by birds are frustrating to deal with and remove. Nest clean up requires protective gear to prevent serious illness.
  • Birds can bring parasites with them. One parasite that is of particular importance is the deer tick, which can carry Lyme disease.
  • Many birds clog gutters, and those clogged gutters can cause water damage to a structure.
  • All birds have the capacity to create unwanted noises.

Unique Pigeon Problems

These are smart birds. Really smart, in fact. They are able to pass the mirror test, a specialized test that determines whether or not a creature is able to recognize its own reflection in a mirror. The pigeon is only one of 6 species able to do this. Pigeons are also smart in other ways. They can recognize all 26 letters of the English alphabet. Smart birds! But sadly, this is not a positive attribute if you're looking to keep a pest out of your trash or out of your business. To keep these clever birds away, you're going to need a clever bird control specialist.

If you need to keep smart birds, or not so smart birds, away from your business, you can trust Action Pest Control to get the job done. We have the experience and the industry-leading deterrents to make your business unusable to even the smartest of birds. Reach out to us and schedule to have one of our bird control technicians design a custom solution for your specific bird pressures.

Make your problems take flight with expert bird management from Action Pest Control.