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How To Tell If You Have Termites

termite frass found in a home

It’s not the sound of your house settling you hear. The creaks and cracks could be your home crumbling beneath the walls, all while you are none the wiser. That’s about to change. You may have termites in your home. It may be a concept that is hard to wrap your head around but the integrity of your Louisville home could be compromised by a pest you are unlikely to ever actually see. Here is what you need to know.

Damage Caused By Termites

Termites may be small, but in large numbers, they have the might of a demolition crew. While you work, sleep, and enjoy life, termites could be eating away at your home. Termites cause a host of dangerous and expensive problems. The biggest concern is structural damage.

Structural damage caused by termites doesn’t affect only wood-frame homes. All homes are potential targets. Termites feed on your home’s frame, your furniture, your cabinets, your wooden floors, your shake siding, and more. They will get through the building materials to get a hold of any wood you have in your home, even if you cannot see it. Professionals are usually the only ones who can identify termite damage before you do. By the time you see the damage caused by termites; it will cost you a lot of money to correct.

Do I Have Termites?

If you are asking yourself, “Do I have termites?” you can find out for yourself. Look for the same signs of termites that the professionals look for. Signs of termites include:

  • Swollen ceilings, wall, and floors that look like they have water damage.
  • Wings and feces outside openings in walls and floors.
  • Signs of entry points into your home.
  • Tunnels that resemble mazes on your wooden furniture.
  • Mud and saliva tunnels near the foundation of your home.

There are three stages of a termite infestation; and a thorough inspection of your home helps identify the problem you face. The three stages are early, ongoing, and mature. It is always easier to tackle a termite problem early on when you notice signs such as swarmers around your property. If you miss them, you will start to see signs of termites feeding on your home. If you miss those signs, you could have a mature infestation on your hands. This is when the colony grows and thrives in your home, feeding away on the structure and more.

I Think I Have Termites. What Now?

If you suspect termites are invading your home, don’t run to the nearest grocery store or hardware store for a spray, and definitely don’t look up a home remedy. They don’t work. Termites are only controlled with professional services. If you think you have termites, call the termite control professionals in Louisville. Action Pest Control completes a thorough inspection of your home when we arrive. We look for the signs of a termite infestation and immediately recommend a plan of attack to get rid of termites and prevent further damage to your home. The Acton Pest Control solution consists of 5 steps to get the job done right every time: comprehensive inspection, treatment, elimination, annual inspection, and a money-back guarantee.