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Secrets To Avoiding Mosquitoes In Early Fall

mosquito biting a person

While you sip your pumpkin-flavored drink, don your fall attire, and set out on a leaf-peeping adventure, the last thing on your mind is mosquitoes. Just because you are in a fall state-of-mind, it doesn’t mean the buzzing little pests are. This fall, while you are enjoying the early fall weather, make sure you protect yourself, your family, and your pets from mosquitoes.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Mosquitos in the Fall

So many people associate mosquitoes with the summer season that few consider them fall pests too. When fall rolls around, the bug spray gets put away, flea and tick medication applications become more infrequent, and more people spend time outside – exposed and vulnerable to mosquito bites. Here are a few things you didn’t know about mosquitoes in the fall season.

  1. Your dark fall clothing may attract more mosquito species than light clothing does.
  2. The more you move and sweat, the more attracted mosquitoes are to you. While you are hiking or picking pumpkins, the mosquitoes are ready to bite.
  3. Full moons, such as the beautiful fall and harvest moons, spur mosquito activity by as much as 500 percent.
  4. As temperatures rise and humidity increases, mosquito season lasts longer than it did just 30 years ago. More than 20 states in the US have mosquito seasons that last more than 200 of the 365 days per year.
  5. Mosquitoes can still be active on warmer winter days.

Ways To Avoid Mosquitoes

The internet is not shy when it comes to offering solutions for ridding mosquitoes from your fall plans, but many are ineffective and few root out mosquitoes at the source. This fall, a little common sense combined with professional home pest control services can help you avoid becoming a fall feast for mosquitoes.

  • Get rid of standing water on your property. This is more than old pools and rain barrels. Standing water on your property can be found in old puddles, animal water bowls, bird baths, and outdoor furniture that you haven’t yet packed up for the season.
  • Picnic under the protection of a screen shelter, or prop an umbrella above your outdoor table when you eat outside.
  • Spray your clothing with bug spray that has deet. You will see a ton of recipes online for alternative repellents, but deet is the most effective chemical for deterring mosquitoes.
  • Turn on a fan when you are outside. This fall, you will want to spend time outside enjoying the cooler weather. Turn on a fan to keep the mosquitoes from dropping in on your party.
  • When you are hiking or camping, keep your skin covered.
  • Contact a professional to evaluate your needs and to prepare a plan to rid your property of mosquitoes.

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your fall plans. Small steps and professional mosquito control services can help keep mosquitoes away so your pets and your family are safe.