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Fumigation Questions?

termites on wood

When pests invade, there are many options available to establish control of those pests, and fumigation is a vital tool in the toolkit of any professional pest control company. It is a powerful weapon that is like flipping a reset switch. If you're considering fumigation, here are some general questions that will help you understand this process better.

Why do you use tents during fumigation?

The gases used for fumigation are dangerous to humans. Tenting makes sure those gases stay where they are supposed to be.

Is fumigation only for businesses?

No. Fumigation is often used for single-family homes when invasive and destructive pests need to be removed from wall voids. This method is extremely effective at eradicating elusive bed bugs and hard-to-find termites living deep inside wood.

Will the gases used during fumigation damage my home or business?

No. The gases we use are not only EPA approved, they are non-corrosive, non-staining, and non-flammable. When you return to the structure, you'll find it just as it was when you left it.

Are leftover fumigants dangerous?

No. There are no leftover fumigants. The gases used in fumigation will dissipate quickly when the tent is removed. No harmful gases will remain in the structure.

Will fumigation gases hurt the environment?

No. The gases used during fumigation release into the atmosphere. They do not harm surrounding wildlife and the ingredients in the gases we use are not ozone-depleting agents.

Are buildings the only things that can be fumigated?

No. This pest control option can be as big or as small as it needs to be. We have fumigated everything from large warehouses to a single piece of furniture. Tenting can be done on anything. We've tented museum collections, furniture, antiquities, as well as barges, tractor trailers, and railcar containers.

Can sensitive items be fumigated?

Yes. For post-harvest products like wheat, corn, and soybeans, as well as some storage structures, we utilize a cylinderized source of 100% phosphine, Vaporph3os® and ProFume. We have fumigated flour mills, grain bins, seed processing plants, feed manufacturers, and some of the nation's leading food and pharmaceutical plants.

Will fumigation kill all the pests in my building?

No. Fumigation is a targeted process. We guarantee that all targeted pests will be eliminated, but fumigation isn't a one stop shop. Our technicians must calculate the fumigant dosages needed and apply them in a safe and effective manner.

What things can be left in a building that is being fumigated?

If it isn't food and it isn't alive, you can leave it in the structure. Some items will require certain measures be taken for safety purposes, like vehicles left in the garage will need to be left unlocked and our technicians will have to have access to all trunks in order to prevent the pocketing of gases.

What items should always be removed during fumigation?

It is important to remove all living creatures in your home, including fish. If you have an aquarium with a large number of fish, there are some options available to protect an aquarium from fumigation. Your specialist will discuss the options with you. You should also remove foods, medication, and plants. If some items need to stay, your specialist will advise you on this as well.

Will my home be safe during the fumigation?

Yes. We take exceptional measures to ensure the security of your belongings. Once the tenting is in place, we are also required by law to make sure no humans are harmed by the gases being used inside the tent. That means no one is going to get into the structure without proper gear and authorization.

Will I need to wash things off after the fumigation?

No. The gases we used will not leave a residue on your clothing, furniture, or other fabrics. No washing is necessary.

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