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Are Psocids Damaging?

psocids in a home

If you read or hear the term psocids, what comes to mind? Well, if you are like many Americans, you may not have anything come to mind at all. Psocids, pronounced soh-sids, are actually commonly referred to as "booklice," or "bark lice," although they are not true lice. There are over 200 species of psocids in the United States.

These creatures range in color from translucent white to gray or brown and are very tiny, typically less than 1/16 of an inch in length when full grown. They have back legs that are thicker than their four front legs. Although these legs resemble the legs on many jumping insects, psocids do not jump at all, but they do run about rather quickly.

When they are not running about, psocids can be found feeding on fungi or mold or hanging out under wallpaper, inside furniture, along the sides of windows, or on window sills near potted plants. They are also likely to be found in places that are damp and moldy, like basements and crawlspace, and in areas where there are plumbing leaks. Occasionally they can even be found inside air conditioning drain lines.

Female psocids are able to produce around 60 eggs during warm summer months and they will hide these eggs by covering them with debris. When a baby psocid hatches, it looks exactly like an adult psocid, only much smaller.

So, Are Psocids Damaging Or Only A Nuisance?

Psocids do not bite, nor do they transmit diseases like other pests do, but there are other problems associated with their presence, especially if they are allowed to multiply and are found in large numbers. In some cases, they can infest foods, rendering them unfit. They are also known to eat away at the starchy paste of wallpaper and books which may contain mold.

Can Psocids Be Prevented?

The best way to discourage psocids from invading your home is to keep things dry. Fix leaky pipes, sinks, tubs, or toilets, and dry up any standing water in or near your home. Use fans and/or dehumidifiers to reduce the level of humidity in your house, and make sure all foods are kept dry and in sealed containers.

Can Psocids Be Eradicated?

If you are experiencing these tiny insects in your home, you may want to call a professional pest control company. Here at Action Pest Control, we are fully equipped to deal with psocids, and any other common household pest you may be dealing with. We are QualityPro certified, have board-certified entomologists on staff, and utilize a large selection of modern pest management equipment. Whether you call them psocids, bark lice, or booklice, these pests are no problem for the specialists here at Action Pest Control.

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