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A Few Fun Facts About The Common House Spider In Indianapolis

a spider on an arm

Fun facts about house spiders? Sure. While spiders themselves may not be fun, especially when they get inside your home, it can be fun to learn about these interesting creatures. You might even find some valuable insight that will help you to get them out of your house. Wouldn't that be fun? Let's take a look.

  • There are many species of spider that are classified as house spiders.
  • House spiders are found all over the world--even the "American" House Spider. But, they are not only found inside houses. They can be found in garages, sheds, underneath eaves, and inside porches and other outside structures.
  • House spiders don't prefer to live in the wild. These are commensal creatures that live off of the resources we provide. If you catch a house spider and put it outside, it is only going to come back inside. It doesn't want to be out there.
  • A house spider's web is often called a cobweb, and is made up of many crisscrossing strands of sticky silk. You can usually find these webs in corners of rooms and ceilings.
  • A house spider is an excellent trapper, preying on any insect that is unfortunate enough to walk or fly into its sticky web. Once caught, the spider will throw silk over its prey and trap it.
  • House spiders are easily scared. If their web is disturbed, the spider will quickly drop off the web and go hide, returning later, when the danger is gone.
  • House spiders are a real pain to get rid of. If you are seeing these spiders in your home, be aware that they can reproduce quickly and, in a relatively short period of time, become a headache. (No one likes walking into spider webs, or having a spider suddenly drop down in front of them when they are trying to enjoy a quiet breakfast.) Fortunately, there are ways to completely eradicate these pesky critters from your home.

How To Get Rid Of House Spiders Completely

As you have probably noticed, house spiders don't live out in the open. They get into hard to reach places like your wall voids. If you want to get these pests out and keep them out, you're going to need the help of a professional pest controller, like Action Pest Control. And, here is another fun fact. When you have the specialists at Action get rid of your spiders, they can get rid of all those other pests you've been dealing with.

Action Pest Control serves a large area in the states of Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. And, our most popular pest control service is the all inclusive Premiere pest control program. This incredibly effective program covers more than 40 different household pests, including odorous house ants, roaches, termites, mice, stinging insects (within 40 feet of your structure) and, as you may have guessed, spiders. We'll even remove all those unsightly cobwebs for you!

If you like interesting spider facts, but don't find it fun to have spiders in your home, take action and get Action. Our team of certified professionals will send those spiders packing.