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El Niño And Pest Control | Action Pest Control

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What is El Niño?  In the simplest terms, it refers to a phenomenon that occurs in the east-central Equatorial Pacific where large areas of ocean water become warm. It has been found that this warming of the Pacific has a direct link to weather patterns across the continental United States. A greater El Niño effect means warmer-than-average temperatures over the western and northern United States, Wetter-than-average conditions over portions of the Gulf Coast and Florida, and drier-than-average conditions in the Ohio Valley and Pacific Northwest. In our coverage area of Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois it means more rain, possible flooding, and oversaturation. These conditions add up to more pests, and in particular, more termites. Subterranean termites, which are the most destructive termites in the United States, need moisture to live and thrive, and they seek these conditions when they search for a new place to start a new home. So, there is a good chance that 2016 is going to be a busy year for termites. With this year's El Niño being referred to as "Godzilla," it is probably a good idea to make sure you know how to fight back.

El Niño Pest Prep:

  • Make sure that when those rains come your home is ready to channel the water away from the soil around your house. Gutters can get clogged after fall and winter. Make sure there is no debris to obstruct water flow, and make sure the snow and ice hasn't caused any breaks where water can drain down the walls of your home. Moisture on your walls will make them appetizing to termites and will cause rot that can bring many other problems.
  • If there are areas on your property that collect rainwater, consider filling those places in and reducing puddles.
  • When things begin to melt and when heavy rains begin to fall, make sure you're doing everything you can to keep things dry outside, and inside. A damp basement is ideal for subterranean termites. Use humidifiers, fans, and ventilation to keep things dry.
  • Damp wood products are an attractant for termite swarmers that are looking for a place to establish a new colony. Keep wood piles, construction material, and raked up spring twigs, away from the home.
  • If you have mulch within two feet of your exterior walls, consider replacing it with crushed rock. Termites love living under mulch and this will bring these destructive creatures way too close to the wood of your home.
  • The single, best way, to protect your home is with professional pest services. Only an experienced and educated professional has the proper tools and knowledge to keep these wood eating pests out of your walls.

You can't control the warming of the Pacific ocean or weather systems that move across the United States, but what you can control is whether or not you will allow those condition to make your yard more attractive to subterranean termites. Take action and get Action. At Action Pest Control, we use the most advanced and trusted termite control products and procedures available today. When El Niño causes termites to spread, make sure your home is ready to stop them in their tracks.