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Bed Bugs Are Here In Terre Haute

bed bug on paper

Here in Terre Haute, like in many cities across the U.S., we have a growing problem. It is not a problem with over-population, or over-crowding of buildings, or crime like it is in the larger cities. It is a spreading problem - no, not like poison ivy, or plague, or locust. This problem is with bed bugs. It seems that bed bugs have decided to take up residence here. They apparently love our city as much as we do. The truth is that several decades ago, bed bugs were nearly eradicated from our country. Then due to changes in the regulation of the products that were used to battles them, it suddenly became much harder to eradicate them. On top of that, people travel like never before in history, and bed bugs only means of transportation is hitchhiking!

Bed bugs cannot jump or fly, so whenever they feel the need to move from place to place they simply climb aboard your pant cuff, socks, shoes, or hat, or they could crawl into your purse, luggage, or computer bag and travel free of charge wherever you go. They really aren’t picky at all. Any person, any bag, any home, any business will suit just fine. The old thought that bed bugs would only invade dirty places is really just a fable. You can actually inadvertently pick bed bugs up while riding on planes, trains, or buses. They can be acquired from hotels, hospitals, dorms, libraries, schools, and from used or discarded furniture. They really will invade anywhere that they can find their favorite meal – human blood, and if you happen to find yourself in their space, they will gladly hitch a ride to a new ‘restaurant’ like your home!

The thing is, it only takes a few eggs or bugs to begin a whole heap of trouble. These creatures do not need a mother to help raise them. They are perfectly able to fend for themselves from the moment they hatch. Once they are nice and cozy inside your home they‘ll crawl from their ‘vehicle’ and find a suitable place to settle down and hide for the day. Their favorite spots are in furniture, electronic equipment, electrical outlets, wall voids, and behind picture frames. Now you can begin to see the difficulty in trying to get rid of these little bugs. They hide everywhere! These nocturnal creatures come out only at night to feed on blood and they don’t just hang out in your bed only! The reason they are often found in beds is because that is where you usually are when they are ready for dinner!

In fact, the first sign of bed bugs is often waking up in the morning with mosquito-type bites in clusters or groups on your body. As the infestation becomes more severe, you may notice dark tiny spots of blood or fecal matter on your mattress or black streaks running down the wall from out of your electrical outlets. You could even notice shed skins or the bugs themselves eventually, but not necessarily at first. These oval shaped reddish-brown bugs resemble apple seeds with legs, but the nymphs and larvae are white, even tinier than the bugs, and very difficult to see.

You may falsely believe that if you find bed bugs in your sofa or in your bed that you can just bring that piece of furniture from your home and throw it out and then the problem will be solved. Not so! In fact, that will only work to spread the problem. The only way to get rid of bed bugs is to completely eliminate each and every bug, nymph, and egg which is a difficult, if not impossible, task on your own. The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to call in a professional. Here at Action Pest Control, we are sensitive to the needs of our clients and the embarrassment that these little creatures often cause which is why we act quickly and discreetly to any bed bug infestation. We offer bed bug K-9 services to accurately identify the location of the hiding bugs, and heat treatments, and fumigation services to eliminate all of the bugs from your home or business.

If you find that you have had the unfortunate experience of waking up and finding bed bugs have decided to make your home theirs, give us a call to see how we can help. You will be glad you did. Because when it comes to bed bugs you need to quickly Take Action & Get Action!