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Warning Signs Of Bed Bugs In Lexington

a bed bug on a person

It may seem bad that Lexington is in the top 50 most bed bug-infested cities in the United States, but there is good reason for it. Bed bugs are a hitchhiking bug that dwells almost exclusively with humans. So these pests go where people go. And since people love to visit Lexington, there is literally the perfect opportunity for a potential nonstop invasion happening all the time, but there is good news. Lexington has actually fallen 9 points since last year. That means we're making progress educating businesses in the proper prevention of these resourceful pests. But, until we get ourselves off the top 50 list, it is best to know the warning signs of a bed bug infestation if you plan to stay somewhere in Lexington.

Bed Bug Signs

  • Odor. If a business has done nothing to protect itself from bed bug invaders, your first indication will be the smell. Bed bugs release a pheromone scent that some describe as like that of a locker room. The more bed bugs there are, the greater this smell will be.
  • Bugs. Obviously, seeing a bed bug is a definitive sign. So make sure you know what a bed bug looks like. And be aware that these insects go through 5 developmental stages before they are full grown adults. They can be as small as the tip of a pen or as large as a sunflower seed.
  • Stains. A quick inspection with a flashlight can help you to determine if your room has bed bugs in it. Put your luggage on the floor in the bathroom, where it will be safer, and use the flashlight to examine all sheets and pillowcases for brown blood stains, insect casings, or black streaks. Pull the sheets up and examine the seams of your mattresses and check all the upholstered furniture for areas of black feces, insect parts, and blood stains.
  • Streaks. Your flashlight search should also include an examination of the baseboards and outlets in the room. When bed bugs come and go from walls, they will often leave black streaks behind.
  • Bites. If you wake up with red, rashy bites on your skin, it is too late to stop these bugs from trying to ruin your vacation, but recognizing these bites on other people may save you from getting them yourself.

If you plan to stay in Lexington, make sure you look for the warning signs of bed bugs. And find out if the place you're staying has a bed bug plan.

If you own a business in Lexington, get protection you can trust with the experts here at Action Pest Control. When guests come to stay at your business, let them know that they are safe by getting routine K-9 bed bug inspections and targeted heat treatments from us, and post a sign that lets your guests know that you're taking action to make their stay a good one.